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EmuCR: Avocado Avocado Git (2020/11/22) is compiled. Avocado is a Modern Playstation 1 emulator. Despite this emulator being in early development, some 3D games can run. There is currently no SPU (no sound except simple in-game Audio CDs) or MDEC (black screen instead of movies). The timer implementation does not function properly (games fail to boot or run at wrong speed).

Avocado Git Changelog:
* OpenGL transparency bug fix
* ci: fix paths to Discord script in AppVeyor builds
* debug: log vram->cpu transfers
* debug: use if-else in place of ranged switch (no support in VS)
* debug: added .gpudrawlist save/load support
* debug: store data for cpu -> vram transfers
* debug: parse gp0(e1)
* debug: parse gp1(08)
* debug: moved single liners into gpu log entry directly
* debug: rewritten gpu log preview
* gpu: store initial state in gpulog, added gp1 logging
* debug: handle all gpu commands in replay
* ci: Github Actions .yml refactor
* ci: added ccache on Github Actions
* ci: use upload-artifact-as-is
* ci: moved .travis to .ci
* ci: added Github Actions build workflow
* gui: update imgui_memory_editor
* Added hotkey configuration menu (#90)
* Create FUNDING.yml

EmuCR: Avocado

Download: Avocado Git (2020/11/22) x64
Source: Here

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