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EmuCR NanoBoyAdvanceNanoBoyAdvance Git (2020/11/22) is compiled. NanoboyAdvance is a Nintendo Game Boy Advance (TM) emulator written in C++17. The goal is to create a minimal, accurate and reasonably efficient Game Boy Advance emulator in modern C++. The emulator implements the core hardware completely and with high accuracy. Almost all games can be emulated without any known issues, even the 'Classic NES' titles which abuse a variety of edge-cases and undefined behaviour.

nanoboyadvance Git changelog:
* Core: fix minor formatting nitpicks...
* Core\IRQ: move InterruptSource to IRQ::Source
* Core\APU: use one event for all PSG sequencers.
* Core: rename InterruptController to IRQ
* Core: converted most pointers to references.
* Core\PPU: remove indirection in event handling.
* Core\PPU: cleanup OAM renderer.
* Core\PPU: dispatch specialized compositer algorithms.
* Core\ARM: handle unpredictable STRD/LDRD opcodes.
* Core\PPU: rework internal affine registers.
* Core\PPU: fix H-blank IRQ timing
* Core\PPU: cleanup MMIO read/write handlers.
* Core\PPU: update WIN0/1 during V-blank period too.
* Core\PPU: match window scanline logic to hardware (thanks @destoer)

In order to run NanoboyAdvance you will need a BIOS file. You can either dump your own or get an open source replacement online (https://github.com/Nebuleon/ReGBA/blob/master/bios/gba_bios.bin). The BIOS file must be placed as bios.bin in the same folder as the executable. However keep in mind, that a replacement BIOS will not be as accurate as the original one.

Download: NanoBoyAdvance Git (2020/11/22)
Source: Here

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