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EmuCR: DuckStation DuckStation Git (2021/02/28) is complied. Fast-ish PlayStation 1 emulator for PC and Android.

* CPU Recompiler/JIT (x86-64 and AArch64)
* Hardware (D3D11 and OpenGL) and software rendering
* Upscaling and true colour (24-bit) in hardware renderers
* "Fast boot" for skipping BIOS splash/intro
* Save state support
* Windows and Linux support - macOS may work, but not actively maintained
* Supports bin/cue images, raw bin/img files, and MAME CMD formats.
* Direct booting of homebrew executables
* Digital and analog controllers for input (rumble is forwarded to host)
* Qt and SDL frontends for desktop
* Qt frontend has graphical configuration, and controller binding
* Automatic content scanning - game titles/regions are provided by redump.org

DuckStation Changelog:
* Qt: Fix macOS compile
* Merge pull request #1709 from 6lackmag3/patch-10
* Update strings.xml
* Enable building with RetroAchievements by default
* Cheevos: Linux support
* Qt: Hook signal handlers for CTRL+C
* Cheevos: Support logging in while disabled
* FullscreenUI: Fix debug menu being occluded
* CPU/Recompiler: Don't zero read-only bits in mtc0
* Merge pull request #1708 from zkdpower/master
* Update Simple-Chinese language file to latest
* Update duckstation-qt_ru.ts (#1707)
* Merge pull request #1706 from andercard0/patch-85
* Atualização Português do Brasil
* Merge pull request #1704 from ggrtk/qt-scmversion-selectable
* Qt: Make about dialog scmversion label selectable by mouse
* NoGUI: Linux compile fix
* GPU: Fix previous frame adaptive downsample leaking in
* Android: Fix TTY output summary not being translatable
* CommonHostInterface: Fix key inputs getting stuck with modifiers
* Merge pull request #1699 from 6lackmag3/patch-7
* Update strings.xml
* Merge pull request #1700 from 6lackmag3/patch-9
* Update arrays.xml
* Android: Update PGXP CPU mode summary
* Android: Add analog button to touchscreen controller
* Android: Fix touchscreen controller settings unpausing
* Settings: Fix display stretch disabled by linear filtering
* CMake: Make evdev optional
* FullscreenUI: Put cover images through the texture cache
* Android: Hide fast forward button by default
* Android: Add touchscreen button add/remove/opacity
* Android: Add on-screen fast forward button
* Android: Reorder options in main menu
* Android: Move a bunch of settings to advanced
* Settings: Enable cheat loading by default
* HostDisplay: Add stretch option
* Settings: Remove redundant break in IsMultitapEnabledOnPort
* Fix a couple of typos in translation sources
* Merge pull request #1697 from ggrtk/multitap
* Core: Add Multitap support
* Merge pull request #1693 from andercard0/patch-83
* Atualização Português do Brasil
* Merge pull request #1695 from andercard0/patch-84
* Atualização Português de Portugal - By: Bajol
* Merge pull request #1698 from zkdpower/master
* Update Simple-Chinese language file to latest
* Merge pull request #1694 from ggrtk/always-save-controller-type
* Settings: Always save controller type to settings interface
* Qt: Fix controller navigation for fullscreen UI
* Merge pull request #1677 from stenzek/cheevos
* Implement RetroAchivements
* FrontendCommon: Add HTTPDownloader class
* dep/rcheevos: Use https for requests in url.c
* dep: Add rcheevos
* Merge pull request #1691 from andercard0/patch-82
* Atualização Português do Brasil
* Merge pull request #1690 from zkdpower/master
* Update Simple-Chinese language file to latest

DuckStation Git (2021/02/28) : 1fichier anonfiles bayfiles megaup tusfiles uptobox zippyshare

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