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EmuCR: JSPspEmuJSPspEmu Git (2021/03/22) is released. JSPspEmu is a PSP emulator made using javascript (actually typescript). It will work with any modern browser. Though the first version work only works with Chrome (desktop and android). At this point it can run some demos.

JSPspEmu Git Changelog:
* Try to adjust clut/palette decoding
* Fix atrac3+ decoding
* Small adjustments
* Added at3decoder to test atrac3+ implementation and to be able to fix it
* Finalized initial untested conversion of Atrac3+ from kpspemu/jpscsp
* A lot of work migrating Atrac3+ from kpspemu/jpscsp
* Initial work on pure typescript Atrac3Plus port
* Small fix
* Remaining var -> const/let
* Lots of var -> const/let
* Some improvements and cleanups
* Some improvements
* Some improvements
* Minor adjustments
* Minor
* Small improvements
* Some cleanups to thread.ts
* Improve pspautotests
* Make Emulator._loadAndExecuteAsync async
* Remove sandbox/lib folder
* Minor improvement when detecting too big functions
* Minor improvements
* Improve disassembler
* Adjust Gamepad x and y so for example the top right diagonal can be +1, -1
* Improve controller Keyboard + Gamepad to be able to coexist and improve how it works
* Cleanup tests + async/await
* Some cleanups
* Allow to execute unit and integration tests in a single task
* Enable strictNullChecks
* Minor cleanup
* Some cleanups
* Update README to reflect function decorators
* Do not need to expose MathVfpu globally
* Enable integration tests on github

Try online: JSPspEmu Git (2021/03/22)
Source: Here

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