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EmuCR: RyujinxRyujinx Git (2021/08/12) is compiled. Ryujinx is an open source Nintendo Switch Emulator written in C# created by gdkchan. This emulator aims at providing good performance and accuracy, a friendly interface, and consistent builds. Ryujinx is currently available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Ryujinx Git changelog:
* Revert "Calculate vertex buffer sizes from index buffer (#1663)" (#2544)
* Ensure render scale is initialized to 1 on the backend (#2543)
* Unify GpuAccessorBase and TextureDescriptorCapableGpuAccessor (#2542)
* Workaround for cubemap view data upload bug on Intel (#2539)
* Workaround for Intel FrontFacing built-in variable bug (#2540)
* Use "Undesired" scale mode for certain textures rather than blacklisting (#2537)
* Make sure attributes used on subsequent shader stages are initialized (#2538)
* Calculate vertex buffer sizes from index buffer (#1663)
* Do not dirty memory tracking region handles if they are partially unmapped (#2536)
* Replace BGRA and scale uniforms with a uniform block (#2496)
* hle: Tidy-up ServiceNotImplementedException (#2535)
* Use a new approach for shader BRX targets (#2532)

Ryujinx Git (2021/08/12) x64 : 1fichier anonfiles bayfiles dailyuploads megaup tusfiles uptobox zippyshare

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