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EmuCR:JPcspJpcsp Git (2021/11/09) is compiled. JPCSP is a PlayStation Portable(PSP) emulator, allowing you to play your PSP games on a PC. Even though Jpcsp is written in Java, it can already reach 100% PSP speed on a lot of commercial games... and the emulator performance is constantly increasing. Jpcsp takes full advantage of dual-core processors, matching the PSP dual-core architecture. Even a quad-core can give a small performance improvement by leaving free CPU cores for the Java JIT Compiler and the graphics cache.

Jpcsp Git changelog:
* libkirk: added dummy implementations for Kirk cmd=2 and cmd=3
* Improved sceKernelLoadModuleDNAS() implementation to support PGD files.
* Improved PGD decryption to support mode defined in PGD header.
* Implemented sceMesgLed_driver_CED2C075()
* Linux OpenGL renderer: added debug information for XVisualInfo (in order
* Fixed sceDrmBBCipherInit(): was missing last argument "seed"
* Fixed the multi-threaded OpenGL rendering after sceKernelLoadExec()
* LLE save state: remember the UMD file name in the State.bin.
* Fixed sceKernelGetGameInfo(), added SysMemForKernel.sceKernelMemcpy()
* Fixed sceDrmBBCipherInit()
* Added draft sceMesgIns_driver_D062B635() and
* LLE: improved the write operations to the MemoryStick, better

Download: Jpcsp Git (2021/11/09)
Source: Here

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