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Zero v0.8 is released. Zero is a Spectrum Emulator for Windows. Zero is the new Ziggy. Ziggy is a ZX Spectrum emulator written in C# on the .Net platform. It currently emulates the 48k and 128k models with a very high degree accuracy.

Ziggy currently sports the following features:
* 100% accurate... oh ok then, highly accurate 48k and 128 emulation. Not kidding. ;)
* Support for both the beeper and multi-channel AY sound.
* DirectX and GDI support. Works best with DirectX though. :)
* Support for snapshots (sna, szx, z80) and tapes (pzx, tzx, tap, csw)
* Save screenshots from emulator in bmp, png, gif and jpeg format.
* Debugger with stepping facility.
* Tape browser with support for accelerated loading via various (read 2) means.
* Ability to run files from command line, drag and drop. If file associations are enabled,
double-clicking from explorer will launch Ziggy.
* Supports issue 2 keyboards, late timings and a host of other speccy idiosyncracies.
* Full screen mode.
* ULA Plus support.

Ziggy v0.8 Changelog:
Added CPU speed adjuster in addition to emulation speed.
Joysticks are now remembered between emulator sessions and automatically enabled on startup, if found.
Added ability to load custom symbols to represent memory locations (R Martins). Symbols should be stored as CSV in key-pairs like so:
23606, CHARS
Added Watch Window tool in Debugger (R Martins).
Added option to disable tape traps in Options.
Added Memory Profiler (in Debugger) that shows a hotspot of read/write activities in the memory.
Added RZX Playback Start and Frame end breakpoint events.
Added a command line queue to auto-execute commands one after the other, much like SpecEmu (some would say exactly like SpecEmu...). See README.txt
Added support for compressed CSW files.
Changed the way Zero attempts to load ROMs if it couldn't find a valid one on start-up.
Replaced the registry based Most Recently Used files with a non-registry version.
Re-wrote the command line parser for clearer way to pass in options. See README.txt.
Removed ZipForge dependency for handling zip archives.
Moved RZX from Tools to a main menu item.
Reassigned many key shortcuts to use CTRL rather than ALT.
Completely rewrote RZX module to follow specs more closely.
Key2Joy now uses TAB as fire key instead of ALT.
Fixed aspect ratio in DirectX full screen mode (Hexaae).
Fixed undocumented flag behaviour of LDxR, CPxR, INxR and OTxR instructions (ZJoyKiller, Ped7g).
Fixed SCF and CCF flags for undocumented behaviour (ZJoyKiller).
Fixed +3 contention bug (woody)
Fixed mic boost emulation (Hernan). Cobra's arc works fine now.
Fixed Key2Joy not enabling Kempston joystick correctly (fabio).
Fixed Key2Joy swapping up and down cursor keys.
Fixed a couple of RZX bugs.
Fixed monitor opcode not showing hex numbers (R Martins).
Fixed directX issue with device being lost when computer is locked/sleeps (R Martins).
Fixed wrong breakpoint being removed in debugger in certain cases (R Martins).
Fixed loading of some 128k Z80 files with trailing zeros (Damien Guard).
Fixed breakpoints not reflecting correctly in the debugger (R Martins).
Fixed handling of compressed tape data embedded in SZX.
Fixed saving of temporary data to user's local storage location.
Fixed not cleaning up of temporary files on emulator exit.
Fixed issues with disks information not reflecting correctly on machine switch.
Fixed ALT+SPACE/etc causing key presses to repeat endlessly. (woody)
Fixed bug in page handling when loading SZX on Spectrum +3. (woody)
Fixed screen flip timing during 7ffd out - passes ptime test now. (woody).
Fixed incorrect LD D, Res(6, IY/IX+n) instruction. (woody)
Fixed MIC boost emulation. For real this time. (azesmbog, cngsoft)
Fixed Quick Commander disks not working with TR DOS. (woody)
Fixed AY last OUT not being read back IN correctly (woody, azesmbog).
Fixed incorrect Out handling in Pentagon (azesmbog).
Fixed incorrect AY reset behaviour (azesmbog).
Fixed window form sizing issue (rich_chandler).
Fixed parity flag being incorrectly reset during interrupt (woody).
Fixed IFF2 flag not being set in SZX when creating snapshot (woody).
Fixed incorrect HALT implementation (ZjoyKiler).
Fixed incorrect LD IXL/IXH, IXL,IXH instructions (woody, azesmbog)
Fixed loading of z80 snapshots with invalid tstate values (woody).
Fixed mono sound in AY emulation (ZXGuesser).
Fixed aspect ratio in DirectX full screen mode (Hexaae).
Fixed +3 contention bug (woody)
Fixed issue with loading TAP files that have no pause between blocks (woody).
Fixed crash on startup if a filename was passed via command line and it wasn't found.
Removed the RZX discard option.

Download: Zero v0.8

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