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EmuCR: EKA2L1 EKA2L1 Git (2022/08/18) is compiled. EKA2L1 is a Experimental Symbian OS emulator, written in C++ 17. The emulator currently emulates Symbian OS's EKA2 behavior (with planned EKA1 support), and reimplement most of its critical app servers. It can already boot many EKA2's apps and games, with EKA1 being worked on at the moment.

EKA2L1 Git Changelog:
* kernel: Implement conditional variable
* qt: Fix app list not reload on hide/show system apps toggle
* services/internet: Fix missing header
* system/install: Check langsw.txt for phone info first
* services/window/winuser: Stub Qt-related opcodes
* patch/mediaclientaudiostream: Fix audio slow on fifa09 by adjusting buffer queue's AO priority
* services/socket: Some improvements to local LAN connection
* services: Add option to ignore mismatch log and let framework service's IPC log follow config
* services/applist: Add missing data structures for recognize file
* patch: Add audiooutputrouting patch
* services/applist: Implement recognize_data_by_file_handle
* services/audio/mmf: Add support for S^3
* services/fbs/font/stb: Fix does glyph exist for glyph index charcode
* services/fs: Fix EFsSetSize in 64bit size mode
* services/fs: Implement EFsFilesystemName
* scripting: Fix typo in mem.lua causing write func to read func
* kernel: Kill and decrease access count in thread
* dispatch/libraries/gles2: Some improvements
* mem/flexible/mapping: Fix mapping not being freed to address space allocator on destruct
* drivers/graphics/ogl: Fix framebuffer unbind typo
* drivers/graphics/ogl: Fix scissor negative height value
* cpu/dynarmic: Add data sync/memory barrier stub val
* kernel/session: Reference thread used in disconnect message
* kernel: Return nullptr if get_by_id search routine returned unmatched object id
* kernel/thread: Assign thread id to local data on initialization
* patch/mediaclientaudio: Stub and delete some logout
* drivers/audio/ffmpeg: Update ffmpeg and explicitly load amrnb input format


EKA2L1 Git (2022/08/18) : 1fichier bayfiles letsupload megaup mixdrop uptobox zippyshare

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