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EmuCR: BizHawkBizHawk Git (2022/09/30) is compiled. BizHawk is a A multi-system emulator written in C#. BizHawk provides nice features for casual gamers such as full screen, and joypad support in addition to full rerecording and debugging tools for all system cores.

BizHawk Supported Systems
* Apple II
* Atari
* Video Computer System / 2600
* 7800
* Lynx
* Bandai WonderSwan + Color
* CBM Commodore 64
* Coleco Industries ColecoVision
* Mattel Intellivision
* PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 + SuperGrafx + CD
* Neo Geo Pocket + Color
* Nintendo
* Famicom / Nintendo Entertainment System + FDS
* Game Boy + Color
* Game Boy Advance
* Nintendo 64
* Super Famicom / Super Nintendo Entertainment System
* Virtual Boy
* Sega
* Game Gear
* Genesis + 32X + CD
* Master System
* Pico
* Saturn
* SG-1000
* Sinclair ZX Spectrum
* Sony Playstation (PSX)
* Texas Instruments TI-83
* Uzebox
* More coming soon..?

BizHawk Git Changelog:
* fix bad fix to risc jr, & 0x10 seems to be correct according to battle morph and blue lightning...
* better fix for d7810f6ea90e3674a56c728848109c3f54a54906, remove incorrect comment
* revert some of baa3bdf948f79bcb768e360a80e3cbadca4ac598, as it caused regressions elsewhere, make GPU interrupts not stupid (makes Myst stop crashing with NTSC)
* [virtualjaguar] rework dsp and gpu opcodes to come from the same source, fix some wrong opcodes (partially fixes Club Drive and Baldies music)
* Build external .NET projects in GitLab CI weekly slow builds
* Clean up project files of external .NET projects
* Fix warnings in external .NET projects
* Update C++ FlatBuffers lib, check in new codegen, and rebuild cores
* Use `Google.FlatBuffers` NuGet package and check in new Nyma codegen
* Update FlatBuffers codegen script for Nyma cores
* Pull musl submodule
* Add missing import
* Fix AOoRE when loading TAStudio w/ cheats(?)

BizHawk Git (2022/09/30) : 1cloudfile 1fichier bayfiles letsupload megaup mixdrop pixeldrain uptobox zippyshare
Source: Here

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