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EmuCR: Flycast Flycast Git (2023/01/09) is compiled. Flycast is a multi-platform Sega Dreamcast, Naomi and Atomiswave emulator derived from reicast.

Flycast Git changelog:
* widescreen cheat for Fire ProWrestling. courtesy of Espirral
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into dev
* arm dynarec: avoid SIGBUS errors due to unaligned memory access
* vk: check vkGetInstanceProcAddr value before use and report error
* android: avoid UI race condition when stopping or resuming game
* widescreen cheats for 102 Dalmatians. courtesy of Espirral
* android: defer stopping audio until after current frame is rendered
* reios: don't crash on unknown trap vector. log error and ignore
* arm64 dynarec: pad link section with nop to allow full mmu relink
* android: log abort message to normal log so it's stored in the minidump
* arm build fix
* arm dynarec: handle immediate operand to fsca
* boxart: [] operator with non-existing key on const json is UB
* arm[64] dynarec: xtrct can have immediate operands
* missing change for 12bba31270b9c49720d7cedcff63b460521493be
* vk: catch vulkan dyn loader exception when driver can't be loaded
* lr: fix incorrect DC framebuffer size
* compile warnings
* x64 dynarec: wrong op in GenReadMemImmediate
* dx11: disable scissor test when rendering framebuffer
* android: check if activity is null before using it to show/hide keyboard
* pvr: skip remaining vertices if incomplete after inf vertex
* ios: check if jit is enabled. attempt to enable it by debugging self
* pvr: recover from renderer init failure
* vulkan: return an error if no physical devices found
* scraper: skip invalid textures. invalid CUE crash. memory leak
* elan: don't map RAM with vmem if not naomi2 game
* naomi: 18wheeler, soulsurfer and wldrider input improvements
* Basic CPU graphs using ImPlot (#838)
* dynarec: reg alloc 64-bit regs. avoid some interpreter fallbacks
* sentry: upload crashes after reading emu.cfg to comply with user choice
* arm64 dynarec: need up to 5 ops for mem accesses
* pvr: fix texture bleeding before making indexes
* android: minify makes httpclient fail
* android: more logging
* android: delay sentry upload to avoid broken pipe. Log more stuff
* Host-side profiler - initial commit (#834)
* sentry: various fixes. Upload last log lines with the minidump
* unused function
* sentry.io integration
* vk,dx: provoking vtx with sorted triangles. No depth write in per-strip
* Fixed single stepping, added support for vCont packets and ranged stepping (faster), initial work to support other breakpoint types
* iOS build fix
* dyna: implement missing ops: ldc/stc sr/fpscr, tas, div1
* ggpo: disable full framebuffer emulation. memwatch perf fix
* maple: don't recreate devs on rollback. Raise error if dest is invalid
* arm64 dynarec: can't rely on faultAddress with 512 MB vmem
* verify() must not call a function with side-effect
* Various GDB fixes and improvements (#832)
* Support for multi-processor compilation with MSVC (/MP option) (#830)
* Support for comma separated "-config section:key=value,section:key=value,..." command line syntax
* External windows serial console (#828)
* Added USE_DX9 and USE_DX11 as configurable options in CMake
* gl: macOS build fix
* gl: no GL_PRIMITIVE_RESTART and glPrimitiveRestartIndex in GLES
* lr: missing symbols and functions
* pvr: sort triangles during parse. Use primitive restart
* gl: use static buffers for quad vertices
* holly: crash when reading a write-only register
* ggpo: optimize memwatch, save/load state. endOfFrame on vblank in
* ggpo: don't call exit on assert. clean up logging
* tex cache: minor key mask fix. egl: no need for depth/stencil surface
* vmem: no more 4GB vmem mode. only map elan RAM in naomi2 mode
* pvr: take jitter into account in spg sheduler. fix scheduler edge case
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into dev
* test fix
* atomiswave only has 2 MB of aica ram
* holly, sh4: reg access handlers don't need size. SB_FFST constant 0
* pvr: naomi mvsc2 needs more rendering cycles
* drop support for legacy .reicast config dir (linux, macOS)
* sh4: proper write masks for memory-mapped registers
* race condition causing emu thread exceptions to be ignored
* pvr: reschedule spg when SPG_HBLANK_INT is updated
* maple: lower xfer rate to 1 Mbps. More accurate payload size calculation
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into dev
* pvr: adaptive end-of-render interrupt delay
* pvr: emu unresponsive if no render. Present when FB_R_SOF = FB_W_SOF
* test fix
* pvr: use render pass # to read the right tile when marking blocks
* gl: missing init of width and height in GlFramebuffer
* pvr: copy pvr regs at start_render time to avoid concurrent update
* Full framebuffer emulation. Renderer interface changes
* pvr: don't use op list to mark block if tile pointer is null
* missing overrides
* get rid of INLINE, NOINLINE, __forceinline
* msvc build fix
* audio: don't crash if audio init fails. Fall back to auto
* set USE_DX9 in CMakeLists.txt instead of build.h
* rzip: allow multiple writes

Flycast Git (2023/01/09) x64 : 1cloudfile bayfiles gofile multiup pixeldrain send zippyshare
Flycast Git (2023/01/09) for Android : 1cloudfile bayfiles gofile multiup pixeldrain zippyshare

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