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EmuCR: Vita3KVita3K Git (2023/01/20) is compiled. Vita3K is an experimental PlayStation Vita emulator for Windows, Linux and macOS. The emulator currently runs a few homebrew programs in .vpk format. No commercial games are playable.

Vita3K Git Changelog:
* modules/SceLibc: implement _sceLibcErrnoLoc
* modules/SceProcessmgr: implement sceKernelLibcMktime, sceKernelGetProcessName, sceKernelGetProcessTitleId
* modules/SceSysmodule: describe parameters for sceSysmoduleLoadModuleInternal
* modules/SceThreadmgr: implement sceKernelCancelSema, _sceKernelCancelSema
* touch: implement touch force (deprecated)
* modules/SceLibKernel: export module variables __stack_chk_guard, __sce_libcparam
* modules/SceKernelThreadMgr: implemented ksceKernelGetThreadCurrentPriority
* modules/SceRtc: implement sceRtcGetAccumulativeTime (not sure)
* modules/SceNetCtl: sceNetCtlInetGetInfo stub implement code SCE_NETCTL_INFO_GET_DEVICE, SCE_NETCTL_INFO_GET_RSSI_PERCENTAGE, add empty stubs for other codes
* cpu/dynarmic_cpu: check for MemoryWriteExclusive
* renderer/gl/texture: workaround possible crash when dump textures
* vita3k/main: tracy: fix trace freeze on game loading

Vita3K Git (2023/01/20) : 1cloudfile bayfiles gofile multiup pixeldrain send zippyshare

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