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EmuCR: PPSSPPPPSSPP Git (2013/07/08) is compiled. PPSSPP is a fast and portable PSP emulator for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux, written in C++.

PPSSPP Git Changelog:
* More mousewheel support
* Merge pull request #2704 from tpunix/master
ISOFileSystem and prxDecrypt2 patch
* add isBlockSectorMode to savestate
* bugfix of ISOFileSystem
* improve of prsDecrypt2. support decrypt type 6.
* new patch for ISOFilsSystem
* Merge pull request #2706 from mattweb28/ioctl-fix
fix ioctl cmd=0x01020004
* fix ioctl cmd=0x01020004
* Basic mousewheel support
* Update native (SDL build: Don't exit on ESC)
* Revert part of 76c3f16b5cf238a8c6548d05e4873b9a2ef1f7b2, forcing all
framebuffers to 512x512 just can't be the right thing to do and breaks
Dangan Ronpa badly.
* Merge pull request #2692 from unknownbrackets/keymap-axis
Do axis keymap as well (should replace right stick bind)
* Remove right stick swap option, not needed.
* Remove right stick bind option entirely.
* Reverse default DirectInput Y mapping.
As it was before.
* Only send XInput analog on change.
* Switch to buttons instead of A/B/X/Y for dinput.
This way people don't say "but my X button shows up as L1."
* Add a few more dinput axises since it's easy.
* Cut down on analog stick latency.
* Add back the right stick, but no UI.
Not sure where to fit it...
* Support binding analog backwards.
* Unpress the reverse direction, avoids sticking.
* Send only changed analog sticks in dinput.
* Add default mappings for left analog sticks.
* Get basic axis mapping working.
* Merge pull request #2697 from thedax/hdRemasterSupport
HD Remaster Support: Remove non-required variables from Savestate
* Change variable to u32. I would say it's safe to say that an HD remaster will never request more than 2GB of RAM, much less 1.
* Remove HD Remaster variables from the savestate; they don't seem to be required for it to function correctly.
* Merge pull request #2691 from thedax/master
Fix PSN eboot crashes
* Fix PSN eboot crash. Allows PSN demo eboots to run again, and HD Remaster eboots to finally boot.
* Merge pull request #2698 from unknownbrackets/warnings
Warning fixes
* Report unsupported vertex formats, initialize.
Initializing mostly so warnings are happy.
* Fix arithmetic warning in mpeg demux.
* Don't even need this var anymore.
* Cleanup initialization order.
* Fix some minor warnings.
* Shut up an incorrect warning.
It can never be undefined, but that's fine, the compiler can't tell.
* Clean up handler management in sceNet.
Add 0, add 1, remove 0, add.. should be 0, not 1.
Also, undefined behavior on x = x 0 ? --x : 0;
* Fix some type conversions warnings.
* This one is worth reporting.
* Merge pull request #2701 from unknownbrackets/vtimers
Initial VTimer fixes
* Fix rescheduling of vtimers based on return value.
* Remove fixed delay, this is just other syscalls.
* Ignore vtimer handler arg changes w/ NULL handler.
Per tests, this is what the PSP does. Could matter in edge cases.
* Don't report for = 4 sized option parameters.
Also don't crash in sceKernelCreateVTimer(NULL, NULL).
* Merge pull request #2703 from unknownbrackets/debugger
Scroll debugger like most things scroll, add context menus
* Add a context menu to play with threads.
* Add a context menu to enable/disable breakpoints.
Probably it could edit or etc. too...
* Don't change the selected line when scrolling.
With the mouse wheel or otherwise, it's confusing.
* Merge pull request #2700 from unknownbrackets/hd-fix
Fix memory allocation when swapping to a remaster
* Fix memory allocation when swapping to a remaster.
* Fix null pointer typo, breaking savestates.
* fbo_unbind should not be necessary when pausing anymore.
* Fix the actual typo..
* Change a variable name to match the name used in the ini file. Default screenshots to JPG.
* Fix touch buttons that got broken. Also, make the onscreen turbo a pure unthrottle, I don't understand how the other is supposed to work heh (checking iFrameLimit?)
* Merge pull request #2668 from thedax/directinputUpdate
Windows: Preliminary update for DirectInput to the new key mapping system
* Merge pull request #1 from unknownbrackets/dinput-fix
Merge pull request #1 from unknownbrackets/dinput-fix
* Remove the force device setting, map instead.
* Remove some dead code.
* Fix POV so it resets, cooperates with kbd.
Only resends on change. DirectInput is all about polling, unfortunately.
We could use a separate thread and wait on events...
* Layout ApplyButtons to more closely resemble the XInput code.
* Make coding style consistent across entire DinputDevice.cpp file.
* Fix more styling issues.
* Rebase to latest master.
* Fix some styling issues, remove some old and irrelevant comments.
* Fix default button mappings and incorrect axes(they are wrong on my controller, at least..).
TODO: Fix comments.
Also, is there no way to remove the hack for the special buttons..?
* Fix inverted buttons, and allow the special keys to be remapped[hopefully..].
* Add RightStickBind support. It's still not 100% bug free...
* Add POV support.
* Fix horrible styling.
* Begin updating DirectInput for keymapping, and to take it off the legacy path.
* Merge branch 'png' of https://github.com/dykebeard/ppsspp into dykebeard-png
* git makes me want to disembowel myself
* hurf
* PNG screenshot writing
* Merge pull request #2686 from unknownbrackets/keymap-win
Clean up keymap for Windows
* Clean up some magic numbers, remove old code.
* Add some missing keyboard VK constants.
VK_PRINT is confusingly not print screen. Also remove some dups.
* Add some missing key names.


Download: PPSSPP Git (2013/07/08) x86
Download: PPSSPP Git (2013/07/08) x64
Download: PPSSPP Git (2013/07/08) for Android
Source: Here

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  1. look at all those fixes and coding amazing work keep it up :)


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