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EmuCR: GameYobGameYob Git (2016/02/27) is compiled. GameYob is an open-source gameboy emulator for the DS. It has excellent compatibility and speed, and runs many games flawlessly. Notably, it can use the Gameboy Color bios to colorize pre-color games, just like on a real gameboy.

GameYob Git Changelog:
* Changes from a while ago
* wram mirror was probably broken
* Update libdsnifi to latest dswifi
* Misc
* Typo
* Do mgr_init after initInput; somehow fixed a linking bug in brown?
* Create gameyobds.ini if it doesn't exist
* Change ini to 'gameyobds.ini' to avoid conflicts with gameyob 3ds
* ime should be 0 on startup
* More polish for debugger
* Revive debugger
* Tweaks for linking
* Refresh graphics on reset
* Wrap remaining quickWrite's in ifdefs for now
* More tweaks for linking, nifi
* More tweaks for linking
* Don't assume 2nd gameboy lines up at vblanks
* Make sure everything gets initialized in gameboy->init; linking is finally reliable
* Trying to make this gosh darned nifi work
* Libfat headers
* loadBios call was in loadRomBank??? caused slowdowns
* Another autosaving bugfix
* Fix autosaving, fix interrupt issue with pokemon pinball
* Tweaks to build on devkitARM r45

Download: GameYob Git (2016/02/27)
Source: Here

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  1. please fix the cheat support for this one, or add a new feature to add your own cheats


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