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EmuCR: Soft64Soft64 Git (2016/02/27) is compiled. Soft64 is a N64 Emulator.

Project Goals for revision 1
* Implement high level graphics system
* Implement high level audio system
* Basic controller support
* Full blown WPF based debugger system
* Implement HLE features into the RCP core
* Implement SRAM, and flash memory
* Fully working "Pure" interpreter

Soft64 Git Changelog:
* Some memory fixes.
* Nuget package updates.
* All tests now pass with the fixes made.
* Have tests execute the machine on another thread.
* Created a custom attribute which enables log support for any xunit based test unit.
* Make test units write log data to file. Trying to get a boot test to work. Updated nuget packages. Create common class for test units.
* Memory test now passes.
* Finished Rsp memory and some fixes. Still need to test things out.
* Implemented mips interface registers, and now they are used in the mupen helper. Still need to finish rsp memory. Now using the fasterflect library for faster reflection when constructing smart register class instances.
* Began working on Mips interface regs.
* Finished PI register memory.
* Improvements on handling memory mapped registers, they will use seperate memory heaps for reading and writing register values to support special cases like RCP status registers. Commented out broken rsp memory code for now.
* Fixed the test.
* Test still fails, but made some fixes.
* More work memory testing.
* Implemented.
* More work on memory system.
* Allow code to compile again.
* More work on memory.
* ...
* Remove the old stuff.
* More work on new memory system.
* Made some improvements.
* More work on new n64 memory system.
* Began work on a new WIP fast n64 memory system.
* More work on rsp memory, and now the rsp memory test unit passes. Lots of fixes, factorization and comments. Need to fix those other test units.
* Moving rsp memory stuff to C# since F# lacks qualities for dynamics in .NET. The main Soft64 library will define more of the core types for the RCP, while the F# based library will implement the mathematics used in the RCP.
* Added config for test unit assembly so it can reference the correction version of FSharp.Core. Rsp memory test fails to some invalid cast exception being thrown.
* Improved the iron ruby based test scripts. Allow nlog to be used to by iron python scripts.
* Xunit wasn't the issues, VS2015 test settings needed to be set on X64 mode. I put a readme file to point this out.
* Some project fixes.
* Updated nuget packages. Scrapped the idea for a tester application, will figure out how to fix xunit tests.

Download: Soft64 Git (2016/02/27) x86
Download: Soft64 Git (2016/02/27) x64

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