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EmuCR: PPSSPPPPSSPP Git (2016/08/07) is compiled. PPSSPP is a fast and portable PSP emulator for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux, written in C++.

PPSSPP Git Changelog:
* Buildfix for an older clang.
But this is in line with our standard include order, anyway.
* Merge pull request #8867 from unknownbrackets/mpeg
Improve mpeg parsing / corruption issues
* Allow block transfers to resize framebuffers.
Helps the ending video in Valkyrie Profile. See #6008.
* Mpeg: Parse video streams from PSMF header.
Without doing this, FFmpeg will try to probe the streams to detect them
instead. When it does this, sometimes it tries to read beyond the data
that's available - and then gets confused by EOFs.
Parsing this way allows us to control the situation.
An example is Valkyrie Profile, corruption in the first frames of the
second video during the intro. Thi doesn't fix it yet, but now it's just
a matter of buffering.
* Mpeg: Ask FFmpeg not to look beyond the header.
* Mpeg: Ensure garbage is not read from header.
In cases where we did not have a full 64k at first, we would potentially
send FFmpeg garbage if it asked for it.
* Mpeg: Minor cleanup to header parsing.
Make sure we don't read garbage.
* Merge pull request #8871 from unknownbrackets/android-power
Detect power saving mode on Android
* Auto-disable CRC reporting in power save mode.
* Android: Detect pre-L power saving.
Sometimes users don't realize these are on, and they can slow down
gameplay. Of course, they can also save battery.
* Android: Detect and report power save mode.
This shows a message when it's on, or when power drops to low.
* Merge pull request #8888 from unknownbrackets/warnings
Warning fixes
* Avoid some unused variable warnings.
* Fix a switch missing value warning.
* Fix some type comparison warnings.
* Correct some initialization order warnings.
Also, another missing init with IRBlocks.
* Merge pull request #8889 from unknownbrackets/memstick
Initial support for memstick insert/remove
* Io: Add a config setting for memstick status.
* Io: Notify callbacks on memstick insert/remove.
* Io: Correct some memstick devctl accuracy issues.
This makes it pass the right values in a few more cases, and unregister
callbacks properly. Also handles duplicate callbacks.
* Merge pull request #8884 from sum2012/Font-minor
Better support zh_gb.pgf
* Add more check for safely
* Better support zh_gb.pgf
* Merge pull request #8882 from unknownbrackets/debugger
Add custom log expressions to the debugger
* Debugger: Add custom log expressions.
Similar to Visual Studio, just use {a1} to log the value of register a1.
Supports anything the expression parser supports.
* Debugger: Add custom breakpoint log message.
* Debugger: Allow logging on CPU breakpoints.
* Debugger: Make breakpoint actions more generic.


Download: PPSSPP Git (2016/08/07) x86
Download: PPSSPP Git (2016/08/07) x64
Download: PPSSPP Git (2016/08/07) Android
Source: Here

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