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EmuCR: Project64Azimer's HLE Audio Plugin Git (2017/03/03) is compiled. It is a HLE audio plugin for N64 emulators written by Azimer.

Azimer's HLE Audio Plugin Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #183 from Azimer/New_Backend
SoundFactory implemented
* SoundFactory implemented
Part 2 of 3 to implement swappable audio backends
* Adding backend support work
* Moved Configuration
* Added Base code to support backend switching
* Committing early to avoid PR change issues
* New Audiocode (#181)
WIP 7 - r12
* Enable console out
Enable console output and move configuration #defines to common.h.
* PJ64 AiUpdate thread issue fix
This fixes a thread issue with PJ 2.1.
* Revert bAbortAiUpdate hack
Removes hack necessary for Project64
* New Audio Code WIP 7
* Fix for setup being in the wrong position
* Removed leftover WaveOut - Reenabled new audio as default
* Twisted Edge Hack
E and US versions only. Is there a JP?
* DirectSound Legacy Fixes
* Added King Hill to Twisted Edge hack
Thanks @AmbientMalice
* Moved Hack
It won't affect End/Start Emulation this way. Initialize is called when
the game starts.
* Completed DirectSound changes

Download: Azimer's HLE Audio Plugin Git (2017/03/03) x86
Download: Azimer's HLE Audio Plugin Git (2017/03/03) x64
Source: Here

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