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EmuCR: Pokopom PSX Pad PluginPokopom PSX Pad Plugin Git (2017/03/03) is compiled. Pokopom is an imput plugin that supports many emulators like PCSX, PCSX2, PJ64, nullDC, Chankast, etc. Started as a XInput only plugin for X360 controllers, but now it supports linux too (also for X360 controllers) though GUI less. Supports rumble, though it depends on emulator/device. DualShock3 are supported on Windows by using Scarlet.

Pokopom PSX Pad Plugin function
- Supports rumble, with a nice custom curve.
- Extended analog sticks range on corners. (for games like Ape Escape)
- Guitar build for XInput Guitars on Guitar Hero games.

Pokopom PSX Pad Plugin Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #22 from Algebro7/master
Fixed exports issue with Windows DLL
* Changed project name to Pokopom
Left build target as padPokopom
* Reverted library name to padPokopom
* Indentation still messed up...
* Messed up indentation
* Lowered cmake version, fixed issue with DLL Exports on Windows
* Merge pull request #21 from Algebro7/master
Linux .so only exports needed symbols
* Combined the two attributes
* Removed SCP files because they don't compile on Windows
* Only necessary symbols are exported on Linux
* Merge pull request #19 from Algebro7/master
Ported build system to cmake
* Changed build-type to release; Export only Exports.def now
Build-type is now release, but this only affects makefiles. Visual Studio projects will still have to be modified to release from inside VS. Also specified the symbols file as Exports.def, so only those symbols are exported now.
* Fixed project name
* Ported build system to cmake
* Trying to fix the linux side...
* Merge pull request #18 from Algebro7/master
Fixed bugs/typos--can now compile on Windows
* Removed missing files from VS project file
* Left files out of first commit
* Fixed bugs to get project to build in VS; started cross-platform support for linux

Download: Pokopom PSX Pad Plugin Git (2017/03/03)
Source: Here

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