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EmuCR:DeSmuMEDeSmuME Git (2017/09/05) is compiled. DeSmuME is an open source Nintendo DS(NDS) emulator for Linux, Mac OS and Windows. DeSmuME supports save states, the ability to increase the size of the screen and it supports filters to improve image quality. DeSmuME also supports microphone use on Windows and Linux ports, as well as direct video and audio recording. The emulator also features a built-in movie recorder.

DeSmuME Git Changelog:
* Cocoa Port: Additional tweaks to the new turbo settings UI. (Related to commit af22153.)
* Cocoa Port: NEW FEATURE - Add the ability to set up custom frame-by-frame press/release state patterns for turbo.
* Cocoa Port: Fix UI issue where status bar on display windows would no longer show the mic gain control. (Regression from commit 3bf295f.)

Download: DeSmuME Git (2017/09/05) x86
Download: DeSmuME Git (2017/09/05) x64
Source: Here

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