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EmuCR: BizHawkBizHawk Git (2017/11/06) is compiled. BizHawk is a A multi-system emulator written in C#. BizHawk provides nice features for casual gamers such as full screen, and joypad support in addition to full rerecording and debugging tools for all system cores.

BizHawk Supported Systems
* Nintendo Entertainment System, Famicom, Famicom Disk System
* Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Famicom
* Nintendo 64
* Game Boy, Super Game Boy, and Game Boy Color
* Game Boy Advance
* Sony PlayStation
* Sega Master System, Game Gear, and SG-1000
* Sega Genesis
* Sega Saturn
* NEC PC Engine (AKA TurboGrafx-16), including SuperGrafx and PCE CD
* Atari 2600
* Atari 7800
* Atari Lynx
* ColecoVision
* TI-83 graphing calculator
* Wonderswan and Wonderswan Color
* Apple II

BizHawk Git Changelog:
* smart state gap for greenzone. fix #915
disable disk capacity setting
* tastudio: drop logic that shrinks branch screenshot popup
the fact that it was screwing up osd text (that's not pixel based by design) causes more problems than smaller popup was ever intended to solve. and it's not branch or tasproject size, because screenshots are stored in the same resolution as your emulator screen. so I don't even know which problems it was solving. if it was made to shrink because originally it couldn't expand outside tastudio, this has been resolved a while ago, and we can afford covering as much user screen as they already cover with emuhawk. unless they complain, then it can return as an option.
* tastudio: why don't we update input every new frame we capture
everybody loves tiny off by one errors that completely break everything

Download: BizHawk Git (2017/11/06)
Source: Here

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