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Nova v0.3.0 is released. Nova is a Sega Saturn Emulator(SS Emulator) for Windows. Nova is capable to run several commercial games, but it's still in its early stage.

1.automatically select regions.
2.automatically select cartridge types by editing cart.json.
3.automatically save backup memory.

Nova doesn't support:
1.save/load states
2.run games via a CD drive

Nova Changelog:
SH2: Removed interrupts timing.
SCU: Rewrote DSP flags handling.
SCU: Rewrote DSP commands and opcodes mapping.
SCU: Rewrote the DSP RA register handling.
SCU: Rewrote PPAF register handling.
SCU: Rewrote DSTA register handling.
SCU: Rewrote DMAC priority handling.
SCU: Rewrote INTC.
SCU: Added timing for interrupt sending of INTC.
SCU: Added DSP register TN0.
SCU: Added DSP disassembly function.
SCU: Added restrictions to the DMA add values.
SCU: Added checking of DSP delay commands conflicts.
SCU: Added checking of PPAF register read access while DSP is executing.
SYSTEM: Supported adding user data to an event.

Download: Nova v0.3.0
Source: Here

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