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EmuCR: Snes9xSnes9x ReRecording Git (2018/10/06) is compiled. Snes9x ReRecording has three branches. These are Snes9x 1.43Snes9x 1.51 and Snes9x 1.52 respectively. This is the development project for this branch of Snes9x. Its primary function is to expand features related to the creation of Tool-Asssisted movies.

Snes9x ReRecording Git changelog:
* Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/snes9x-rr/snes9x
* Appveyor: Re-enable master branch build
* Fix compiler warnings of snes9x-rr specific part
* Merge tag '1.56.2' from 'snes9xgit/snes9x'
* Get rid of "Unable to find msu file" console spam.
* Use port commands for quickload to allow undo.
* Revert "Save oops unconditionally on loading state."
* Save oops unconditionally on loading state.
* Break a specific SMP opcode into cycles. Fixes Little Magic.
* Do not prematurely close unzFiles for ips, properly close for ups
* win32: move shader param dialog to VideoDriver container
* Clear WAI at different location. Fixes Top Gear 3000.
* GTK+: Make ALSA driver more verbose.
* changes.txt
* GTK+, Unix: Preserve current joypad state when rewinding.
* Bump version number to 1.56.2. Update changes.txt.
* win32: Allow disabling of NTSC Filter Scanlines.
* Fix wrong tile choice in mosaic mode.
* When image is below 1x scale, don't use integer scaling.
* GTK+: use new constant name (#338)
* Fix Umihara Kawase's brightness fluctuation.
* win32: clear extra line when doubling for blargg so that mixing does not
* win32: Add integer scaling option.
* GTK+: Add integer scaling settings to aspect ratio
* Divert IRQTransition for the moment. Increase time after WAI to 14 cycles.
* Add an undo load state option.
* Changes.txt.
* More sanity checking.
* Bump version number.
* Bound values in preferences.
* Sanity check input rate better.
* win32: Populate cheat dialog in correct order.
* Check for GTK+ 3.22 or above when using GTK+ 3.
* Fix height resizing of code and description field in cheat dialog.
* Sanity check automatic input rate for deviations > 5%.
* Merge pull request #327 from Dwedit/snes9xgit
* Backport Hermite Resampler bypass code from Libretro version
* Reword the new cheat style.
* Changes.txt again.
* Changes.txt
* Update readme-windows.txt.
* Set minimum width for these columns.
* More cheat window improvements.
* Update changes.txt with some revisions.
* Don't do anything when write to $4200 is the same.
* Some cheat dialog QOL improvements.
* Use "enable" instead of "enabled."
* Remove forced alignment on landing buffer.
* Save MACS rifle data in snapshot, increase snapshot version
* Merge pull request #324 from kps501/macsrifle
* add macs rifle controller (win32)
* Fix crash when elements are missing.
* Cheats: Use "name" instead of "description". Allow whitespace.
* Output leading zeroes.
* Switch back to .cht format. Update to byuu's new form.
* Fix casting on MSU1 volume.
* Fix MSU1 swapping.
* Use IRQTransition again.
* Go back to allowing writes to 4200 and vtimerpos to trigger immediately.
* Apply IRQ flag changes before triggering NMI (#318)
* Edge case when setting vtimer only on same scanline
* Use OpenBus here like we used to.
* Disable tree-vrp on GCC for this function. GCC miscompiles it.
* Use OpenBus as intermediary here to fix Funaki Masakatsu.
* Use OpenBus for these two.
* Some simplification.
* Don't use initial variable.
* This was wrong.
* The flag pushed on to the stack before IRQ is the updated one.
* Fix line doubling in interlaced mode.
* Update GTK+ README.
* Update readme-windows.txt slightly.
* Bump appveyor build number.
* But don't break SA1.
* Proper for Marko AND Super Ghouls and Ghosts.

Download: Snes9x ReRecording Git (2018/10/06) x86
Download: Snes9x ReRecording Git (2018/10/06) x64
Source: Here

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