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EmuCR: FB AlphaFB Neo Git (2021/01/03) is complied. FinalBurn Neo is an Emulator for Arcade Games & Select Consoles. It is based on the emulators FinalBurn and old versions of MAME.

FB Neo Git Changelog:
* sys16b: fix sprite priorities. notably alien syndrome st.6: snakey aliens slither out of walls
* upd7759 wip; oops
* Added biquad.h, downsample.h (#672)
* nes, add ende's hack for smb
* oops
* d_spectrum, k054539: remove copy & pasted biquad filter, replace with device
* d_cps1.cpp: update dinods to 20201231 version (#671)
* sys16b/upd7759: add 2000hz lp filter for less hollow sound
* sys16b, unbreak wb3
* sms, replace hard-coded table with algo. created by Rupert Carmichael
* sms, fix bubble bobble and pirate clones parent clone relationships

Download: FB Neo Git (2021/01/03) x64
Source: Here

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