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EmuCR:ColEm ColEm v2.6.1 is released. ColEm is a Colecovision emulator for the Wii game console. ColEm runs on multiple platforms: Windows, Linux and Symbian. Avec cette nouvelle édition, l'auteur a porté son programme sur Maemo5.

ColEm v2.6.1 Changelog:

This version contains several compatibility fixes to make more games run. Also, ColEm is now officially ported to Nokia N900 devices running Maemo5.

The ColEm-Maemo port will run on Nokia's N800, N810, and N900 internet tablets using Maemo4 (aka Chinook/Diablo) and Maemo5 (aka Fremantle). It has been specifically optimized for these tablets, making use of the touch screen and a few pieces of ARM assembler code. The ColEm-Maemo source code is also available for those who would like to learn from it.

ColEm supports both standard and SuperAction controllers, including the spinners (controlled with mouse movement). I have also started adding Coleco Adam emulation but it is not finished yet. Please see the documentation for the full list of changes and additions.

- Change the format of the save state (. STA).
- Now delete to zero all the RAM (Heist works).
- Now, expand the size of the ROMs too small with the value 0xFF in LoadROM ().
- Fixed Reset9918 () to completely reset the WTP (Frogger Boulder Dash).
- Implementation of the mask on the table of addresses SCREEN2.
- Fixed-ColEm Unix that automatically adjusts the depth of the screen.
- Porting ColEm on Maemo5.
- Adding the accelerometer-based controls for ColEm-Maemo5.
- Added a menu-specific configuration for ColEm Maemo5.
- Added buttons for customizing ColEm-Maemo5.
- Added a fast forward with [CTRL] + [SPACE] to ColEm-Maemo5.
- Fixed Dialpad screen to ColEm-Maemo.

Download: ColEm v2.6.1

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