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Atari800 v2.2.0 is released. Atari800 is an Atari 800, 800XL, 130XE and 5200 emulator for Unix, Amiga, MS-DOS, Atari TT/Falcon, SDL and WinCE.

Atari800 v2.2.0 Changelog:

* many files: Tomasz Krasuski's large patch that adds a new control to the GUI,
a slider which allows to adjust a numeric value using left and right arrows.
The slider is used in the colour controls (brightness, contrast etc.) and in
NTSC Filter settings. The colour/palette settings and NTSC Filter settings
are now saved in the config file. Color handling in UI got better names:
"Color preset", "Standard", "Deep" and "Vibrant".
Added the option "Filter preset" to Display settings->NTSC Filter settings.
This option allows to adjust several presets for the NTSC filter:
Composite, S-Video, RGB and Monochrome. Previously this option was available
only as a keyboard shortcut in the SDL port. Also see -ntsc-filter-preset in
the command line.
Added a new function PreInitialise() that is intended to contain any
initialisation code that needs to be called before reading of the config file.
Fixed a few compilation errors and warnings for the MSVC build, and slightly
updated the build instructions. As a bonus, the colour/palette adjustments
are now also available in the DirectX port.
Simplified the code for processing Win32-specific hotkeys. Now there's less
platfrom-specific code scattered around. Functionality remains unchanged.

* monitor.c: Achim Haertel's patch adds a minor change to the monitor:
BPC without argument shows now the current breakpoint location.

* atari800.spec: X11 and ncurses dropped. libGL should be added
as a recommended library.

* README.1ST, README, ChangeLog, NEWS, util/export: updated for a new release

* sdl/video_sw.c: disabled an annoying debug print

Download: Atari800 v2.2.0
Source: Here

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