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EmuCR: MameUIHiScoreMicro64 v1.00.2011.12.24 Build 659 is released. Micro64 is a freeware commodore c64 emulator. Currently micro64 has two different VIC II emulation modes: cycle exact (default, works fine) and half-cycle exact (next-gen, rudimentary implementation – currently damn slow).

Micro64 v1.00.2011.12.24 Build 659 Changelog:
- Corrected the bug fix for the dynamic-pixel-block-wise VIC-II emulation X-Scroll bug of the last build 658, so the graphic pipeline code part for it is now more or less most full identical to the graphic pipeline code part from the single-pixel-dot-clock-exact VIC-II emulation.

Download: Micro64 v1.00.2011.12.24 Build 659
Source: Here

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