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EmuCR: lsnes lsnes rr2 beta 21 is released. lsnes is a SNES rerecording emulator based on bsnes core.

lsnes rr2 beta 21 Changelog:
* Delete the now-unused emulator_status stuff
* Numeric range class, obsolete clip_range.
* Lua: gui.solidrectangle
* Lua: (D)BITMAP:draw_clip, (D)BITMAP:draw_outside, TILEMAP:draw_outside
* c-interface: Add some translation templates
* src/lua/gui-bitmap.cpp Initialize spal to avoid compiler warning
* Don't use -Werror
* Use open/read/write/close for binary saves instead of iostreams
* Select slot hotkeys
* Fix macros getting frame duplicated after loadstate
* Advance macros after frame is complete, not before frame starts
* SA1 tracing support + memorywatch/search SA1 IRAM
* Recognize SA1IRAM for purposes of breakpoints
* ZMBV full search mode
* SNES: SA1 registers for memory.getregister/setregister
* SNES: Pseudo-registers hcounter and vcounter
* Memory search: Resolve memory area if possible
* Merge multiple versions of get_read_address() into one
* Lua: Deprecate global addresses
* moviefile::get_movie_length: Use milliseconds, not nanoseconds
* Use curl-config instead of -lcurl
* Wipe all sorts of potentially sensitive stuff after use
* Memory peek/poke: Accept and show relative addresses
* Autodetect followed by undefined with multiple choices: Ask user
* Lua: Fix some includes
* Fix SA1 open bus
* Trace logger (Window): Show start of frame
* Trace logger: Allow deleting lines / clearing
* Fix potential crash on exit
* lsnes-dumpavi: Support downloading movies
* Trace logger: Don't double free trace hooks
* Support configurable URI shorthands
* Movie editor: Draw clear / fix current column
* Movie editor: Insert multiple lines at once
* Fix loading states with movie-ahead without ROM
* If loading ROM with multiple candidates, prompt before adding to recentrom
* Tweak the RNG a bit
* Some Win32 build fixes
* TAS input keyboard support
* Use urandom / rtlgenrandom

Download: lsnes rr2 beta 21
Source: Here

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