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XM6 3.13 L50 TypeG v20141024 is released. XM6 3.12 TypeG is a Japanese PC SHARP X68000 emulator.

XM6 3.13 L50 TypeG v20141024 Changelog:
The accuracy improvement by a large renovation of interrupt timing of the CPU core (Do not skip on its own) a significant improvement in frame rate
The implementation of the world's first seriously CSM mode of YM2151 (OPM)
The refurbishment of the BUSY flag YM2151 (OPM)
The merge most of the functionality of xm6p humbly made co's You may want to try a person sensitive eyes especially! It survives joystick input delay and 3 frame delay should have been improved, but with earn the impressions because I do not know much.
(Also work Sosariaso) for up to 1024x1024 the BG surface
(To abolish the clock down HD access) stabilization of the SCSI
The separate management of the clock mode and X68030 EXPERT mode, the amount of memory

EmuCR: XM6 3.1 TypeG

Download: XM6 3.13 L50 TypeG v20141024
Source: Here

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  1. For some reason I can't get this emulator to run at 640x480
    Is it possible to get it working at that resolution? This is for my arcade monitor and I can't use the resolutions supported. The lowest this program shows is 800x600



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