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EmuCR: Project64Azimer's HLE Audio Plugin Git (2015/05/25) is compiled. It is a HLE audio plugin for N64 emulators written by Azimer.

Azimer's HLE Audio Plugin Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #87 from samuelyuan/Compress_Resample
Compress resample
* Rename IncrAccum to MultAddLUT
There's two variables accum and Accum. A function name like IncrAccum is
misleading, so change it to MultAddLUT, since that's what the function
seems to be doing. Change this function name if needed.
* Move the LUT array to a function
* remove s16 cast since pack_signed returns a s16 value
* Remove temporary accum variable
* Put comments into a for loop

Download: Azimer's HLE Audio Plugin Git (2015/05/25) x86
Source: Here

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