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EmuLoaderEmu Loader v8.0.2 is released. Emu Loader was created to manage an arcade games emulator called M.A.M.E. With this frontend, you can change practically any option that is available in the emulator, like the screen resolution, sound quality, game options, etc. There are lots of extra features that makes your life much more easier, like the snapshots viewer where all captured images from M.A.M.E. games can be viewed when selecting games.

Emu Loader v8.0.2 Changelog:
Added a validation check to prevent "Create Games List" from executing again while it's still running (main menu)
Tag "compat" was not being read from softlist games files ("eldir\softwarelist\" folder)
Software list counter label in splash screen was off by 1 (cosmetic)
Frontend crash when using "Create Software List Games" main menu (weird Delphi 7 compiler bug!)
Ultra slow game name searching in "systemname.elstatus" files when scanning for games; quick scan was the most affected
Setting "# inipath" was not being correctly detected on old MAME builds, making impossible to set custom game settings
Could not set media player file in preferences screen (video preview tab)
Old bug... I guess people don't use ZiNc anymore! Setting "Texture Cache" was not being parsed correctly from "renderer.cfg" (ZiNc settings screen)
MAME/HBMAME emulators full title are no more; they are now simply "MAME" and "HBMAME: HomeBrew MAME"
MAME build is detected before creating MAME games list; the "-listxml" output will only be used for MAME v0.70 and newer; this is to avoid EL trying to use "-listinfo" output on new MAME builds if the build number detection function fails
Changed LUA scripts delay timer default's value from 2 secs to 0 secs; for MAME v0.172 (MAME settings, "Input" tab)
Images manager updates and changes (main menu "Images")
- window mode is now "modal" instead of "stay on top"; you can't access the main games list anymore
- new feature: Search available images on missing games; easier to delete images of games you don't have
- use button "Scan Not Used Images" for this new fuction
- a new image preview floating panel will show the image of the selected game (its last position is saved/restored)
- create a list of missing MAME games where images are found, so you can remove unwanted image files from your collection
- software list games support
- unzipped images only
- new popup menu option: "Scan Arcade Games/Machines", to scan for arcade games/machines
- the button "Scan Missing Images" updated to scan all games for missing image files
- the button "Scan Invalid Images" updated to scan all image files and compare with MAME game names for unknown filenames
NOTE: make sure to check the popup menu for some settings before scanning (mouse right-click)
- minor tweaks and code optimizations
AntoPISA's "category.ini" and "version.ini" have priority over "catver.ini"
From now on, you need AntoPISA's "mess.ini" file to filter MAME non-arcade machines (found in "renameSet pack" or "version.ini pack"); if you still want to use "category_home.ini", rename the file to "mess.ini"
UI tweaks in MAME settings screen to fit new settings
UI tweaks in "SEGA Model 2" settings screen to fit on 640x480 resolution
UI tweaks to remove the large and unnecessary 16 pixels borders in the following screens:
- "MAME settings (Basic Mode)"
- "Supermodel 3" settings
- "Daphne" settings
- "SEGA Model 2" settings
- "ZiNc" settings
Changes to ZiNc settings screen
- grouped related settings next to each other
- added new "Enable Keys" setting (renderer)
- replaced "Manual Framerate" by a TEdit control and support values from 0 to 1000
- UI tweaks to minimize the mess
Removed support for AntoPISA's "catver_full.ini"; rename the file to "catver.ini" if you still want to use it
Removed support for AntoPISA's "category_home.ini"
New HLSL settings: "Shadow Mask Tile Mode" and "Bloom Blend Mode" (MAME Settings screen, "Video 2" tab); for MAME v0.169 and up
New "Sound Output Mode" option: "XAudio2" (MAME Settings screen, "Audio" tab); for MAME v0.170
WARNING: Windows 8 or newer required!
Support for MAME v0.171 new settings (MAME settings screen)
- Plugins directory selector ("Folders" tab)
- Languages directory selector ("Folders" tab)
- Language selection for text localization in the emulator ("Miscellaneous" tab)
- "Record an Input Timecode File" ("Input" tab)
- "Exit Emulator After Input Playback" ("Input" tab)
- "Type of User Interface" ("Miscellaneous" tab)
Added a way to cancel changes in "Category / Layout Settings" (images main menu; images popup menu); you must click the "Apply" button to save and apply changes to categories and layouts

Download: EmuLoader v8.0.2
Source: Here

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