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EmuCR: Mohkerz LoaderzMohkerz Loaderz v0.4 is released. Mohkerz Loaderz is another arcade game loader called after my friend Mohkerz because without him this loader would not exist. It will always be entirely free (no Patreon ever), and source code will always be fully open. This is not meant to be better than other loaders, it is just meant to be an open alternative to the current closed loaders. The loader will focus on quality instead of quantity. This is a very early minimal release only supporting Fast and Furious Drift, Ford Racing Full Blown, Operation Ghost, and Sega Rally 3 for now. More games and more features might come if we have enough time.

Games supported:
Fast and Furious Drift
Ford Racing Full Blown
Operation Ghost
Sega Rally 3

Mohkerz Loaderz changelog:
0.4 - 2018/07/01 - Added OG
0.3 - 2018/06/25 - Added FRFB
0.2 - 2018/06/20 - Added configuration file support, and SR3 support without need for inpout32.dll
0.1 - 2018/06/11 - First release only supporting FFD

Download: Mohkerz Loaderz v0.4

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