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MacFCEU v0.9a8 is released. MacFCEU is a Mac OS X port of FCE Ultra. A Mac OS-specific port of FCE Ultra 0.98.13 - an NES/Famicon emulator. Classic and Carbon are supported exclusively.

Features include: NSFe support; a PPU tile viewer; customized speed control;
access to memory, registers and counters; high quality audio;
a pseudo-interlaced (480i) mode, and near-100% accurate 2A03/7 emulation.

Recent changes include:

Many bug fixes, compatibility and accuracy improvements.
New high quality FIR resampling.
Sample rates up to 384 KHz.
More submapper identification.
Rewrote N163 sound, with multiplexing and proper polarity.
Added VRC6 halt/shift register.
Fixed Sun-5B envelope and wavelength overflow.
Fixed FDS and VRC 2/4/6 IRQ bugs.
Corrected VRC7 built-in patches, precision and modulation (low-level).
Added lowpass and optional busy-write delays.
Corrected two PAL APU table entries.
Added system mode for NTF2 System Cart.
Added address bus register (AB) and open data bus (DB).
Moved absorbed DMA re-read bug from input to 2A0x, where it belongs.
MMC5 read mode only plays with NSFs.
Added Dance2000, OneBus (2bpp mode only) and 158B boards.
Added mappers 212 and 163.
Minimized VRCVI NSF variant address range for Famicompo vol.2 #58.
Full reset on reload if jammed; fixes Mahjong Club Nagatacho Sousaise.

Added mappers 83, 103, 142, 170, 174, 197, 211, 215, 222 and revamped 187.
Added 09-034A and KoF 97 boards, fixed H2288.
Fixed Sunsoft-5B noise pitch.
Rewrote MMC5 pulse channel code, and added PCM read mode.
Rewrote FDS modulation code; fixes SFX in Doki Doki Panic, among other things.
Added lowpass filter to FDS audio.
Fixes/updates to mappers 1, 43 and 116.
Some more board recognition and cart mirroring correction.

Added VS left and right coin insert, watchdog timer.
Added PAL palette.
Added custom overscan limits, replacing "Clip Sides".
Added video NTSC filter/stretch, adjustable settings.
Added option to disable direct DA input (4011h writes).
NSF playback auto-advance, including loop-1/all and silence detection.
Implemented more complete YM2149F sound for Sun5B - noise & envelope.
- note that it is slower than before, even with optimizations.
Added "No Rect Duty Reset" option for smooth results with manual-sweeping music.
Moved CityFighter PCM to VRCVI - softer but clearer.
VRCVI overlow at volume point 42.
Non-clone CPU RAM filled mostly with FFh on hard reset.

Input menus; also replaced GamePad graphic with photo-based image.
Added Subor Keyboard.
Added UNL-CITYFIGHTER board, 166/167/39 Subor and 31 NSFROM mappers.
MMC3 revision B by default, TEROM/TFROM hardwired mirroring.
Fixed-banking for SHROM; added SH1ROM PCB variant.
Added 1.5 SHROM, 4.1 MMC6 and 34.2 BNROM submapper codes.
Imported kevtris' VS palettes. Fixed sweep enable and silencing during sweep reload.
DMC DMA read only on last cycle.

Added PPU memory, OAM RAM, APU registers, and PRG banking to Memory View.
Added iNES mappers 178 and "Holy Diver" 78.3.
Added Dendy autodetect ("(R)" for Russian).
Regions now specific models; added RGB model (e.g., Titler; missing #13 grays).
2A0x rev. A emulation performs LXA; others, ATX.
Added 401x port/DMC DMA collision; dma_4016_read test passes (FourScore off).
Corrected 4014. DMA conflicts not 100% correct, but sprdma_and_dmc_dma passes.
Correct rectangle duty types, replacing threshold with a customizable table.
User-optional open bus input port mask.
Added 2007 busy reads.
NES soft reset and proper boot sequence. Knight Rider and Ironsword run again.
Improved even/odd and NMI timing (3+1.5 CPU cycles).

Added PPU A12 hook (e.g., manual MMC counting).
Revised menus; more items in case function keys aren't available...
4014 odd cycle rounding and implied reads (more complete 2A0x).
Added Dendy region.
Added per-pixel composite index disabling.
Fixed IRQ/BRK/NMI concurrency. More tests pass.
Precision timings precalculated on CPU subcycle level, instead of PPU cycles.
More cases for faster 2x window drawing; revised blitter.
Fixed input & input drawing; automatic Zapper for Duck Hunt works.
Correct PAL emphasis (BRG).

Sunsoft FME-7 IRQs acknowledged only clearing bit 0 of 13.
Doesn't work with all carts.
Added mapper 28 (INL-ROM) and TxROM/SxROM variants.
Added NMI-ISR window for BRK/IRQs, plus NMI instruction delay.
Corrected CPU power & reset states.
Branch during pagecross triggers pending IRQ; passes "5-branch_delays_irq".
Corrected ARR op, SHX, SHY, ANE and BRK operations on a Visual6502 level.
Added "latch" decay (for ppu_open_bus.nes).
Fixed PPU and APU frame issues - all Shay Green VBL/NMI and APU tests pass.
Added sound latency - no more break-up in Mac emulators or fast NSFs.
Added initial frame limit for NSFs that don't return.
NSF frame rate in file used.

Download: MacFCEU v0.9a8
Source: Here

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