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EmuCR: RPCEmu Spoon EditionRPCemu v0.9.1 is released. RPCEmu is the continued development of the popular Acorn machine emulator by Tom Walker. It emulates an Acorn RiscPC and A7000.

RPCemu v0.9.1 Changelog:
User Interface
A screenshot can be saved of the current display, by choosing 'Take Screenshot...' from the File menu.
Entering full-screen mode displays a reminder of how to leave this mode. The message can be hidden by ticking the checkbox.
Choosing 'Reset' or 'Exit' from the File menu will request confirmation before taking the action.
The CD-ROM sub-menu has moved to the Disc menu.
The EtherRPCEm driver module now works with RISC OS Select 3 or later (4.39 - 6.20).
Networking configuration now requires fewer steps to be performed in RISC OS as a result of the following changes. The documentation has been updated to reflect this.
The driver module is now provided directly by the networking podule. This means there is no need to install the driver in the Boot sequence.
The driver module is now 26/32-bit neutral. This means that there is no need to install an updated SharedCLibrary for the network driver. Note, you may well still need this update for application compatibility.
The driver module now auto-installs AutoSense file in Boot sequence.
The Create-Dir, Rename and Save entry points now return an error if part of the path is invalid, instead of saving the file to a wrong location.
Keys can no longer get 'stuck' if held down when interacting with GUI menus.
Other fixes
Some potential crash scenarios when resetting/exiting have been fixed.
Shift-F10 keypresses are now passed through to the emulated machine, instead of invoking the Windows context menu handler.
If you are using a keyboard layout with 'dead keys' (e.g. US-International) these keypresses are now passed through. Dead keys are used to compose accented characters, and are not found on the UK keyboard layout.
The Windows executable has Data Execution Prevention (DEP) enabled.

Download: RPCemu v0.9.1

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