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EmuCR:Speccy Speccy v5.1 is released. Speccy is a ZX Spectrum Emulator. Speccy emulates 16kB, 48kB, and 128kB versions of Sinclair ZX Spectrum, as well as Spectrum +2, +2A, and +3, as well as Timex Sinclair models.

Speccy v5.1 Changelog:
Fixed loading of Spectrum +3 disk images that use SpeedLock.
Fixed uPD765 FDC status, as expected by SpeedLock boot loader.
Disk-based Spectrum +3 software that uses SpeedLock tries booting now.
Fixed WD1793 FDC status reporting, as expected by Sam Coupe.
Disk-based Sam Coupe software works now.
Fixed Sam Coupe memory page switching.
Fixed Sam Coupe line coincidence interrupts.
Added loading of Sam Coupe disk images.
Added extra 256kB RAM to Sam Coupe.
The [ALT] key acts as both FIRE and CONTROL in Sam Coupe mode.

Download: Speccy v5.1
Source: Here

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