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EmuCR: Vita3KVita3K Git (2019/07/29) is complied. Vita3K is an experimental PlayStation Vita emulator for Windows, Linux and macOS. The emulator currently runs a few homebrew programs in .vpk format. No commercial games are playable.

Vita3K Git Changelog:
* [kernel/relocations] Add format 5 / 6
* Merge pull request #543 from pent0/nonstop
* modules/SceGxm: Remove left over
* app/init: Better wording and grammar on extension log
* formatting: Run clang-format
* gui: Remove shader editor
* display: Remove sync rendering
* renderer: Only unswizzled on CPU on supported format
* renderer: Add tiled and swizzled memory layout conversion to linear
* modules/SceGxm: Calculate nearest power of 2 for some texture's width and height
* renderer/driver_functions: Foward declare some structs
* formatting: Run clang-format
* renderer: Add wrapper around set_uniform
* app/screen_renderer: Change clear color to light sea green
* renderer: Split up common stuffs to main source
* modules/SceGxm: Use thin renderer wrapper
* renderer: Add a thin wrapper based on GXM
* shader/translator: Try to initialize outs[0] on unsupported hardware
* app/init: Fix typo for detecting pack/unpack half
* renderer/gl/palette: Remove not tested warn for palette 4 texture conversion
* modules/SceGxm: Add palette 4 abgr as tested
* renderer: Destroy render target from queue
* app/init: Add debug output layer for OpenGL 4.3 upper
* renderer/gl/uniform: Remove null terminator add
* shader: Use extension or own-written pack/unpack function on lower than 4.2 OpenGL
* features: Add pack/unpack through extension feature
* app/init: Detect shader packing extension
* shader/translator: Initial pack/unpack legacy support
* shader/translator: Strengthen texel fetch condition
* renderer/gl: Bind CA image on different location then sampler
* renderer/gl: Initial support for texture barrier
* shader/translator: Reorder begin/end interlock at end and use image2D
* renderer: Use image2D to consistence read/write on shader interlock
* shader/translator: Shader interlock and texture barrier initial support
* renderer/gl: Create explicit texture color attachment for blending on non-LastFragData gpu
* external: Sync SPIRV-Cross with master
* external: Add Vita3K's SPIRV-Cross variant
* external: Remove upsteam SPIRV-CROSS
* shader/utilities: Change max fx8 value
* shader/translator: Handling Intel fragment shader
* shader/translator: Add SOP2
* shader/translator: Uses output register type
* gxm/types: Add output register type field and get/set
* crypto/hash: Add missing header
* features/state: Add programmable blending related features
* external/glad: Update with needed extensions
* app/init: Detect GL extensions that help programmable blending
* gxm/types: Correct native color check
* shader/translator: Don't do conversion with scale flags
* shader/utilities: Add support for fixed 8
* config: Move recompile shader path before return
* renderer/gl: Pass features state to shader recompiler
* shader: Use unpack/packHalf2x16 on glsl version 420 onwards
* app/init: Try to create highest GL context as possible and queries features
* host: Add feature state
* emulator: Add features state
* gui/imgui_impl_gl: Bind to main framebuffer before drawing
* renderer/gl: Don't sync surface if pixels is nullptr
* renderer/scene: Disable writing to colorSurface if null
* modules/SceGxm: FIx typos
* renderer/gl: Fix a lot of typos
* renderer/gl: Attach excluded uniform name with program id
* modules/SceGxm: Only upload used streams
* renderer/gl: Log active shaders
* crypto: Add string hex variant
* renderer/gl: Refunction GetSurfaceData to SyncSurfaceData
* renderer/gl: Set surface on command queue
* renderer/gl: Preserve uniform/vertex data until queued
* renderer: Split backend and make command queue for OpenGL

Download: Vita3K Git (2019/07/29)

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