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EmuCR: yuzuyuzu Git (2019/07/15) is complied. yuzu is a work-in-progress Nintendo Switch emulator. yuzu is an open-source project, licensed under the GPLv2 (or any later version). yuzu has been designed with portability in mind, with builds available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. The project was started in spring of 2017 by bunnei, one of the original authors of the popular Citra 3DS emulator, to experiment with and research the Nintendo Switch. Due to the similarities between Switch and 3DS, yuzu was developed as a fork of Citra. This means that it uses the same project architecture, and both emulators benefit from sharead improvements. During the early months of development, work was done in private, and progress was slow. However, as Switch reverse-engineering and homebrew development became popular, work on yuzu began to take off as well.

yuzu Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #2705 from FernandoS27/tex-cache-fixes
* Texture_Cache: Address Feedback
* Texture_Cache: Remove some unprecise fallback case and clang format
* Texture_Cache: Force Framebuffer reset if an active render target is unregistered.
* GPU: Add a microprofile for macro interpreter
* GL_State: Add a microprofile timer to OpenGL state.
* Gl_Texture_Cache: Measure Buffer Copy Times
* Texture_Cache: Correct Linear Structural Match.
* Merge pull request #2675 from ReinUsesLisp/opengl-buffer-cache
* buffer_cache: Avoid [[nodiscard]] to make clang-format happy
* buffer_cache: Try to fix MinGW build
* gl_rasterizer: Fix nullptr dereference on disabled buffers
* gl_rasterizer: Minor style changes
* gl_rasterizer: Fix vertex and index data invalidations
* gl_buffer_cache: Implement with generic buffer cache
* buffer_cache: Implement a generic buffer cache
* gl_buffer_cache: Remove global system getters
* gl_device: Query SSBO alignment
* gl_buffer_cache: Implement flushing
* gl_rasterizer: Drop gl_global_cache in favor of gl_buffer_cache
* gl_buffer_cache: Rework to support internalized buffers
* gl_buffer_cache: Store in CachedBufferEntry the used buffer handle
* gl_buffer_cache: Return used buffer from Upload function
* gl_rasterizer: Add some commentaries
* gl_rasterizer: Make DrawParameters rasterizer instance const
* gl_rasterizer: Move index buffer uploading to its own method
* Merge pull request #2690 from SciresM/physmem_fixes
* Remove unicorn mappings/unmappings
* prefer system reference over global accessor
* Prevent merging of device mapped memory blocks.
* Remove unused member function declaration
* physmem: add helpers, cleanup logic.
* clang-format fixes
* address review commentary
* Implement MapPhysicalMemory/UnmapPhysicalMemory
* Merge pull request #2692 from ReinUsesLisp/tlds-f16
* shader/texture: Add F16 support for TLDS

Download: yuzu Git (2019/07/15)

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