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EmuCR: mGBAmGBA v0.8 beta 1 is released. mGBA is a new emulator for running Game Boy Advance games. It aims to be faster and more accurate than many existing Game Boy Advance emulators, as well as adding features that other emulators lack.

- Near full Game Boy Advance hardware support[1].
- Fast emulation. Known to run at full speed even on low end hardware, such as netbooks.
- Qt and SDL ports for a heavy-weight and a light-weight frontend.
- Save type detection, even for flash memory size[2].
- Real-time clock support, even without configuration.
- A built-in BIOS implementation, and ability to load external BIOS files.
- Turbo/fast-forward support by holding Tab.
- Frameskip, configurable up to 9.
- Screenshot support.
- 9 savestate slots. Savestates are also viewable as screenshots.
- Video and GIF recording.
- Remappable controls for both keyboards and gamepads.
- Loading from ZIP files.
- IPS and UPS patch support.
- Game debugging via a command-line interface (not available with Qt port) and GDB remote support.

mGBA v0.8 beta 1 Changelog:
Improved logging configuration
One-Player BattleChip/Progress/Beast Link Gate support
Add Game Boy Color palettes for original Game Boy games
Debugger: Add unary operators and memory dereferencing
GB: Expose platform information to CLI debugger
Support Discord Rich Presence
Debugger: Add tracing to file
Enhanced map viewer, supporting bitmapped GBA modes and more displayed info
OpenGL renderer with high-resolution upscaling support
Experimental high level “XQ” audio for most GBA games
Interframe blending for games that use flicker effects
Frame inspector for dissecting and debugging rendering
Switch: Option to use built-in brightness sensor for Boktai
Ports: Ability to enable or disable all SGB features (closes #1205)
Ports: Ability to crop SGB borders off screen (closes #1204)
Cheats: Add support for loading Libretro-style cht files
GBA Cheats: Add support for loading EZ Flash-style cht files
Support for unlicensed Wisdom Tree Game Boy mapper
Qt: Add export button for tile view (closes #1507)
Qt: Add recent game list clearing (closes #1380)
GB: Yanking gamepak now supported
Qt: Memory range dumping (closes #1298)
Emulation fixes:
GB: Fix using boot ROM with MMM01 games
GB Audio: Only reset channel 3 sample in DMG mode
GB Audio: Sample inactive channels (fixes #1455, mgba.io/i/1456)
GB Audio: Fix channel 4 volume (fixes #1529)
GB I/O: Filter IE top bits properly (fixes #1329)
GB Memory: Better emulate 0xFEA0 region on DMG, MGB and AGB
GB Video: Delay LYC STAT check (fixes #1331)
GB Video: Fix window being enabled mid-scanline (fixes #1328)
GB Video: Fix mode 0 window edge case (fixes #1519)
GB Video: Fix color scaling in AGB mode
GBA: All IRQs have 7 cycle delay (fixes #539, mgba.io/i/1208)
GBA: Reset now reloads multiboot ROMs
GBA BIOS: Fix multiboot entry point (fixes Magic Floor)
Other fixes:
Core: Improved lockstep driver reliability (Le Hoang Quyen)
FFmpeg: Drain recording buffers
GB: Fix reading ROM immediately after unmapping BIOS
GB SIO: Fix lockstep failing games aren’t reloaded
GBA Cheats: Fix value incrementing in CB slide codes (fixes #1501)
Libretro: Fix crash changing allowing opposing directions (hhromic)
Qt: Fix some Qt display driver race conditions
Qt: Fix menu bar staying hidden in full screen (fixes #317)
Qt: Only show emulator restart warning once per settings saving
Qt: Fix LibraryController initialization (fixes #1324)
Shaders: Fix gba-color shader resolution (fixes #1435)
Switch: Fix audio when video rate desyncs (fixes #1532)
CMake: Don’t use libzip on embedded platforms (fixes #1527)
Core: Add keysRead callback
Core: Create game-related paths if they don’t exist (fixes #1446)
Core: Add more memory search ops (closes #1510)
Debugger: Make tracing compatible with breakpoints/watchpoints
Debugger: Print breakpoint/watchpoint number when inserting
Feature: Switch from ImageMagick to FFmpeg for GIF generation
FFmpeg: Support audio-only recording
GB Memory: Support running from blocked memory
GBA BIOS: Add timings for HLE BIOS math functions (fixes #1396)
GBA BIOS: Fix clobbered registers in CpuSet (fixes #1531)
GBA Savedata: EEPROM performance fixes
GBA Savedata: Automatically map 1Mbit Flash files as 1Mbit Flash
Debugger: Add breakpoint and watchpoint listing
LR35902: Support PC-relative opcode decoding
mGUI: Remember name and position of last loaded game
OpenGL: Only resize textures when needed
Qt: Don’t unload ROM immediately if it crashes
Qt: Support switching webcams
Qt: Cap window size on start to monitor size
Qt: Open a message box for Qt frontend errors
Qt: Increase maximum magnifications and scaling
Qt: Add native FPS button to settings view
Qt: Improve sync code
Qt: Add option to pause on minimizing window (closes #1379)
Qt: Scale pixel color values to full range (fixes #1511)
Qt: Remove What’s This icon from dialogs
Qt: Printer quality of life improvements (fixes #1540)
Qt: Add copy and QoL improvements to graphic views (closes #1541)
Qt: Show list of all sprites in sprite view
Qt: Add option for disabling OSD messages
Qt, OpenGL: Disable integer scaling for dimensions that don’t fit
Switch: Dynamic display resizing
Switch: Support file associations
Vita: L2/R2 and L3/R3 can now be mapped on PSTV (fixes #1292)

Download: mGBA v0.8 beta 1 x86
Download: mGBA v0.8 beta 1 x64
Source: Here

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