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EmuCR: reicastReicast Git (2020/02/03) is compiled. reicast is a multi-platform Dreamcast emulator. The project is currently in Alpha, usability, performance and stability issues are to be expected. Cortex-A9 dualcore, 1ghz+ is the minimum hardware for decent speeds.

Reicast Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #1784 from reicast/skmp/adreno-3xx-fixes
* Revert to GLES2 if the context fails to be created
* rend_vblank: Make sure renderer exists before using it
* REND: Re-create view if egl recovery fails
* REND: Better handle context lost events
* GUI: Don't create too big font textures
* Merge pull request #1785 from reicast/skmp/fix-fullscreen-resize
* Android: Remove View.SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_LAYOUT_STABLE, move IMMESRIVE logic to activity
* Merge pull request #1786 from reicast/skmp/fix-audio-startup-trashing
* Audiostream: Remove mspdf check for wait. Will re-implement in a better way.

EmuCR: reicast
EmuCR: reicast

Download: Reicast Git (2020/02/03) x64
Download: Reicast Git Android
Source: Here

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