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#CSpect v2.12.9 is released. #CSpect is a ZXSpectrum emulator by Mike Dailly.

#CSpect changeglog:
50hz/60hz bit now set in NextReg 5
-debug added to the command line. You can now "start" in the debugger.
Minor Fix to 60Hz audio
Fixed AY partial port decoding
Fixed a minor reset stall when it was waiting on a HALT before the reset
NextReg 0x8c added
NextReg 0x8e added
Added AltRom1 support
Fixed a serial port "send" bug. Now sends the whole byte
Fixed tile attribute byte bit 7 - top bit of palette offset was being ignored
Fixed esxDOS date/time function (M_GETDATE $8E)
NEX file 1.3 now parsed... should load more things
NEX files get IRQs switched off when loaded (as per machine)
Fixed esxDOS date is wrong
Fixed Border colour now sets the palette entry as well
Fixed GetRegister() in plugins not working
Fixed Copper run then loop not working
Fixed Top line (in 256 pixel high view) is missing
Fixed DI followed by HALT should stop the CPU
Fixed Hires tilemap has clipping on far right
F8 not steps over conditional jumps and branches that go backwards. Branches forwards are taken
Fixed ADD HL/DE/BC,A no longer affects flags
Fixed OUTI so that B is decemented first. (OTIR was already like that)
Minor change to 60hz audio
NextReg 0x69 can now be read
DMA Continue mode added
Fixed a timing issue with DMA, so timing much better

Download: #CSpect v2.12.9

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