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MARK5 Emulator v1.7.1 is released. MARK5 is an emulator for the japanese MB 6892 / Basic Master Level-3 Mark-5 computer from Hitachi.

MARK5 Emulator Changelog:
ixed the bug that the KB register was cleared if there was no input after releasing the key.
Fixed the bug that 400ms delay of menu sound cannot be specified.
The screen display when changing the cursor skew of CRTC is closer to the actual machine.
[Debugger] Enabled to see which device generates an interrupt signal when tracing.
[Debugger] Register contents for 100 to 1000 lines are saved for traceback.
[Mac version] Fixed a bug that the screen might not be displayed at the next startup if the application is closed in the full screen state.
[Mac version] Moved the slider of sound volume dialog vertically.

Download: MARK5 Emulator v1.7.1 x86
Download: MARK5 Emulator v1.7.1 x64
Source: Here

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