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EmuCR:FceuxFceux Git (2020/06/17) is compiled. FCEUX is a cross platform, NTSC and PAL Famicom/NES emulator that is an evolution of the original FCE Ultra emulator. Over time FCE Ultra had separated into many separate branches. The concept behind FCEUX is to merge elements from FCE Ultra, FCEU rerecording, FCEUXD, FCEUXDSP, and FCEU-mm into a single branch of FCEU. As the X implies, it is an all-encompassing FCEU emulator that gives the best of all worlds for the general player, the ROM-hacking community, and the Tool-Assisted Speedrun Community.

Fceux Git changelog:
* jekyll config to suppress files not part of the website (fix warning emails)
* win64 rename executable to fceux64.exe
* links to interim builds
* appveyor only job name needs - prefix
* appveyor jobs separated and named
* win64 zip archive files from other folders need directory stripped
* win64 appveyor build
* fix long pointer casting in Win64 build
* change an outdated link from googlecode to github. there are a lot more.. i dont have time for this
* add an index.html, so hopefully github.io will use this to bounce to the web directory?
* fix broken win32 appveyor build (#121)
* Merge pull request #119 from mjbudd77/master
* Merge branch 'development'
* Trying again....
* Trying again with artifacts
* Trying out not using archive script and just pushing directly to
* Added 7z.dll to zipped package file.
* Added win32 build script for pipeline.
* win32 build packaging pathing fixes.
* Added windows packaging script call to appveyor config.
* Testing build artifact push
* Resolved a few more cppcheck/compiler warnings in core input module.
* Resolved cppcheck warnings in win/header_editor.cpp
* Resolved cppcheck warnings in cheats.cpp.
* Revolved Deallocating a deallocated pointer: buf warning in archive.cpp.
* Resolved cppcheck warnings in OutputDS.cpp

Download: Fceux Git (2020/06/17) x64
Source: Here

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