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Gopher2600 v0.6 is released. Gopher2600 is an emulator for the Atari 2600. Whilst the performance is not as efficient as some other emulators it is none-the-less suitable for playing games, on a reasonably modern computer, at the required 60fps. (The development machine for Gopher2600 has been an i3-3225, dating from around 2012.)

Gopher2600 v0.6 changelog:
Implemented PlusROM emulation.
Implemented 3e cartridge format (3e+ implementation already existed)
Loading of cartridge files over HTTPS
Fixed audio output. The emulation was correct but the SDL audio
routines were buggy. Particularly noticeable in H.E.R.O
Corrected how joystick axis and paddle fire react to SWACNT changes.
eg. A deflected axis would not update the SWACHA bits when SWACNT was
updated. Bug introduced in the reimplementation of the I/O subsystem.
Particularly noticeable in He-Man
Playback now processes all events for given TV state. This particularly
affected playback of recorded setup events (from the setup sub-system). Bug
introduced in the reimplementation of the I/O subsystem.
Added log regression test mode. Renamed digest test to video test (removed
audio test).

Download: Gopher2600 v0.6

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