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EmuCR: DOSBoxDOSBox-X v0.83.7 (2020/11/01) is released. DOSBox-x is a branch of DOSBox. DOSBox emulates an Intel x86 PC, complete with sound, graphics, mouse, joystick, modem, etc., necessary for running many old MS-DOS games that simply cannot be run on modern PCs and operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux and FreeBSD.

DOSBox-X Changelog:
The primary DOSBox-X Wiki is now located at the
URL: https://dosbox-x.com/wiki (Wengier)
Implemented the x86 dynamic core for both 32-bit
and 64-bit systems by re-porting the code from SVN.
Dynamic core now supports either the dynamic_x86
or the dynamic_rec core. The dynamic_x86 core will
be used by default for x86 and x86_64 platforms and
if "core=dynamic" is set, and Windows 9x can be run
in this dynamic core (although at this time may
encounter some issue with the S3 driver). You can
also explicit specify setting "core=dynamic_x86" or
"core=dynamic_rec" for either the dynamic_x86 core
or the dynamic_rec core. Also thank joncampbell123
for the 64-bit fix. (Wengier)
You can now use your own save file (in addition to
save slots! There are now a "Use save file" toggle
item and "Browse save file..." for browsing save
files on your computer. A config option "savefile"
(in [dosbox] section) is added to specify a save
file to use at start. (Wengier)
Save state feature now allows users to optionally
enter remarks when saving a state. A submenu group
"Save/load option" is added (under "Capture") where
you can toggle menu items "No remark when saving
state" (for disabling input of remarks when saving)
and "force load state mode". A menu item "Display
state information" is added as well to display the
information of the saved state. (Wengier)
DOSBox-X will now use native dialog box to display
quit warnings and save state errors. (Wengier)
Changed some DOS error messages (such as "Illegal
command" which now reads "Bad command or filename")
similar to real DOS systems. (Wengier)
ADDKEY and INT2FDBG commands now appear as programs
on Z: drive instead of shell commands. (Wengier)
Improved the -z (move virtual drive Z:) function of
MOUNT command. You can move the virtual drive as
many times as you want, and save/load states will
work even after you move the Z: drive. (Wengier)
Enhanced the config option "freesizecap" to allow
the setting "fixed" which is the same as "false",
and a new setting "relative" is added, which will
be similar to the setting "fixed" but the reported
free disk size will also change relative to the
change of the free disk size ever since. (Wengier)
Added support for Opus CD-DA tracks by porting and
cleaning up the source code from other projects.
Many thanks to Marty Shepard and kcgen. (Wengier)
Support for FluidSynth MIDI Synthesizer is now
included in the MinGW builds by default just like
Visual Studio builds. Set "mididevice=fluidsynth"
and a soundfont file to use it. (Wengier)
Enabled xBRZ scaler for Visual Studio SDL2 builds
just like Visual Studio SDL1 builds. (Wengier)
Added menu item "Show Sound Blaster configuration"
under "Sound" menu to show the current information
about Sound Blaster, and also menu item "Show MIDI
device configuration" (also under "Sound" menu)
to show information about the current MIDI device
such as the soundfont file in use. (Wengier)
Added "Mount multiple disk/CD images" option to the
mounting options of the Drive menu to allow users
to mount more than one disk/CD images to a drive,
swappable from the menu. Also added separators to
the Drive submenu to make it look better. (Wengier)
Added new CPU types to the "Emulate CPU speed" menu
group namely 286-25MHz, 386DX-25MHz, 486DX4-100MHz,
486DX5-133MHz, Pentium-60MHz, Pentium-75MHz, and
Pentium-90MHz. Thanks again for the data provided
by the user maximus105. (Wengier)
You can now select a special key (e.g. Alt+Tab,
Ctrl+Break, Ctrl+Alt+Del, etc) to be sent from the
key defined in the mapper editor. The key can be
selected (Ctrl+Alt+Del by default) from the "Send
special key" menu group in "Main" menu. (Wengier)
Added full Ctrl+Break emulation at the BIOS and
DOS level, updated console emulation to match.
The "Pause" mapper shortcut is now moved to
HOST[F11/F12]+Pause instead of Ctrl+Pause so that
Ctrl+Break can work properly for users, and the
function to send the Ctrl+Break key from the menu
("Send special key" under "Main") is added. Also,
the PC-98 STOP key now functions the same as the
Ctrl+C and Ctrl+Break keys in IBM PC mode.
Added functions "CopyToClipboard" and "QuickRun" to
the mapper editor so that you can use shortcuts to
activate them (default shortcuts: HOST(F11/F12)+A
and HOST(F11/F12)+Q respectively), and a default
shortcut HOST(F11/F12)+V is added to the clipboard
paste function. Meanwhile, FullCore and SimpleCore
shortcuts are removed from the mapper. (Wengier)
Added two new menu items in the "Shared clipboard
functions" menu group under "Main", including "Copy
all text on the DOS screen" which will copy all
screen text to the clipboard, and "Stop clipboard
pasting" which allows user to stop pasting in the
middle of pasting long clipboard content. (Wengier)
The mouse copy/paste feature is now available for
non-Windows systems on SDL2 builds. Also, pasting
from the clipboard with a mapped shortcut is also
available for Linux/X11 on SDL1 builds. (Wengier)
Added "Use US keyboard layout" toggle menu item in
the "PC-98" menu group under "Video" to select
whether to force the default US keyboard layout in
PC-98 mode, same as the "pc-98 force ibm keyboard
layout" config option in [pc98] section. Also moved
the "PC-98 PIT master clock" options from the "DOS"
menu to this menu group. (Wengier)
The full dosbox-x.reference.conf file is renamed to
dosbox-x.reference.full.conf. The original file
dosbox-x.reference.conf now contains common config
options instead of all config options. (Wengier)
The CONFIG command and Configuration Tool will now
save common and modified config options by default.
The -all command-line option (or "Save all options
to the configuration file" checkbox) will force to
save all config options. A new -mod command-line
option is added to CONFIG command to save modified
config options only, and a new -norem command-line
option is added to not write remarks. (Wengier)
Updated the Windows installer to default to the
"typical" installation. For the full installation
start menu items will be added for DOSBox-X builds
copied to subdirectories. A new checkbox "Write
common config options (instead of all) to the
configuration file" is added which when checked
will only write common and modified advanced config
options to the config file. Furthermore, for both
"typical" and "full" installations the Windows
installer will now also copies the DLL files
inpout32.dll (32-bit) and inpoutx64.dll (64-bit) to
the DOSBox-X install directory for use with the
direct parallel port passthrough feature. (Wengier)
Improved Flatpak support for Linux. (rderooy)
Improved message for the -help command-line option,
adding for example -silent and -socket command-line
options in the help messages. (Wengier)
Added -silent command-line option to run DOSBox-X
silently (without showing the DOSBox-X window) and
then exit after executing AUTOEXEC.BAT. (Wengier)
Fixed command-line option -socket not working for
the null-modem feature. (Wengier)
Fixed issue that aspect ratio not being respected
in full-screen mode when a GLSL shader is enabled
with an OpenGL output. (Wengier)
Fixed toggle in the "Frameskip" menu group did not
change when selecting a different option. (Wengier)
Fixed shelling from programs may not work when the
shell config option is set. (Wengier)
The default country setting ("country" option in
[config] section]) now defaults to auto-detection
if possible, or 81 (Japan) in PC-98 mode. (Wengier)
Increased the default maximum DOS files (adjustable
from [config] section) from 127 to 200. (Wengier)
Improved resetting with LOADLIN program. (Wengier)
Improved Gravis Ultrasound (GUS) implementation to
make it more accurately represent the GUS DMA state
as expected by the running DOS software.
The archive attribute will no longer automatically
be applied to directories on non-Windows systems.
This fixed issue with PLAYMIDI.EXE from Gravis
Ultrasound when listing directories. (Wengier)
Applied hack to allow the low DMA channel detection
in the SB16 DIAGNOSE program to work. (Wengier)
The default setting of the clip_paste_speed option
has been changed from 20 to 30, which will help
prevent lost keystrokes when pasting from the host
clipboard for some programs. (Wengier)
With Pentium CPU setting (cputype=pentium) DOSBox-X
no longer reports FDIV bug by default. An advanced
config option "report fdiv bug" is added to report
such CPU bug when set to true. (rderooy & Wengier)
Added support for the XDG_DATA_HOME environment
variable for config directory in Linux. (rderooy)
Added support for compiling with pcap for Windows
MinGW builds. (Jookia)
Added config option "windowposition" (in [sdl]
section) to set the window position at startup in
the positionX,positionY format. (tomba4)
Added config option "raw_mouse_input" (in [sdl]
section; SDL2 builds only) to bypass the operating
system's mouse acceleration & sensitivity settings.
Implemented by NicknineTheEagle.
Added config option "startquiet" (in [dos] section)
which when set to true will silence the information
messages before launching Windows programs to run
on the Windows host. A toggle menu item "Quiet mode
(no start messages)" is added to the "Windows host
applications" menu group in "DOS" menu. (Wengier)
The menu "Show details" (under "Main") is renamed
to "Show FPS and RT speed in title bar". (Wengier)
Add menu group "Text-mode" under "Video" menu to
change some text-mode related video settings, such
as changing the number of rows and columns. A zip
package named TEXTUTIL.ZIP is added to the Z drive
that contains various utilities (such as CGA.COM,
EGA.COM, 132X25.COM, 132X43.COM) to change current
video setting from the command line. Also added a
config option "high intensity blinking" which when
set will display high intensity background colors
instad of blinking foreground text. The menu item
"Allow 9-pixel wide fonts" is moved from the menu
group "Compatibility" to here. (Wengier)
Added "Debugging" menu group under "Help" menu, and
moved items from the "Video" Debug and "DOS" Debug
menus and the debugger here (debug builds only).
Also allowed to hide/show the console or debugger
window in Windows debug builds. With the menu item
"Console wait on error" checked the Windows console
window will wait for the ENTER key before closing
itself after an E_EXIT occurs. (Wengier)
Updated MPXPLAY to latest version 1.65. (Wengier)
Integrated SVN commits (Allofich)
r4386: Correct MPU-401 clock-to-host function to
operate independently of playing. Fixes hang at
exit when playing Roland music in demos by The
Phoney Coders. Clamp tempo to valid range.
r4384: ICW1 on the PIC clears the Interrupt Mask
Register. Fixes Antagony and quite a few demos that
expect IRQs to be unmasked.
r4382: Refine adlib timers a bit more and make
reading the Adlib take a bit more time.
r4378: Prevent some possible deadlocks with sti
in dynrec core.
r4375: Improve compatibility with older Intel
r4374: Add a bit of hack so cycles=max/auto 90%
keeps on working inside batch files after r3925.
r4371: Fix regression in Clue: Master Detective.
r4370: As an adjunct to r4369, make the reference
counts of standard device handles equivalent to
those of real DOS.
r4369: Compatible side-effect behavior of DOS in
the file close function.
r4368: Improve error codes for some DOS file functions.
r4367: Change FPU_FBST to only write 18 decimals
instead of the wrongly 19, this makes it possible
to switch 64 integers which in turn fixes some
rounding issues. (jmarsh)
r4282,r4283: Switch to a different way to calculate
DBOPL table offsets.
r4280: Prevent GenerateDMASound from running with
input of 0.
r4279: Remove DMA_TRANSFEREND and replace with
r4277: Remove cases not needed after r4276
r4276: Remove defunct code related to the initial
display mode of the system BIOS during video mode
r4274: fix externals.
r4273: Make frameskip an integer.
r4269: Use fabsf when return value is a float.
Small warning fix.
r4265: Some more cleanups and memleak fixes.
r4264: Pick some lowhanging fruit. (some memory
leaks and unused variables)
r4262: missed one
r4261: These actually use float as input.
r4258: Rename bios tester to biostest and make it
debug only to avoid people trying to load real
r4257: Add simple program that allows you to boot
into a bios image for running cpu tester bios.

Download: DOSBox-X v0.83.7 (2020/11/01)
Source: Here

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