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EmuCR: fMSXfMSX v6.0 is released. fMSX is a program that emulates MSX, MSX2, and MSX2+ 8bit home computers. It runs MSX/MSX2/MSX2+ software on many different platforms including Windows, Android, Symbian, MacOS, Unix, MSDOS, AmigaOS, etc. I started developing fMSX in 1993 when there were only two other MSX emulators available, both exclusively for MSDOS. From the very beginning, I developed fMSX as a portable program able to run on many different computers. The initial development, for example, was done on DEC Alpha workstations running Unix. Since then, fMSX has seen quite a lot of updates and been ported to many systems. It is still being developed, although not as actively as before because most features are pretty much complete now.

fMSX v6.0 Changelog:
Refactored Windows EMULib code.
Most command line options should now work in Windows version.
Added "Hardware | Paste Clipboard" option to fMSX-Windows.
Added "Video | Show Framerate" menu option to fMSX-Windows.
Increased synchronization timer precision in Windows version.
Fixed clearing file associations in fMSX-Windows.

Download: fMSX v6.0
Download: fMSX for Android
Source: Here

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