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EmuCR:CPCEMUCPCEMU v2.2 is released.CPCEMU is the project to imitate an Amstrad CPC 464, 664 or 6128 on a PC.Having its roots back in 1992 there were well-working DOS-based versions in the following years. You may read CPCEMU - The Story to find out how and why this happened.Now CPCEMU has been ported to Linux and Windows so you can enjoy it on (nearly) all major platforms! You will find further information under CPCEMU News.CPC Documentation is the complete manual for CPCEMU in HTML form, in 4 languages!In case you are interested in software for the CPC you can rummage in CPCEMU Software.

CPCEMU v2.2 Changelog: Setup option to use arrow keys as joystick
Main menu improved for small screens (Android, iOS)
Improved output in CRT-monitor mode ("Video mode=1", including better window behaviour for desktop versions)
Improved emulation of the HSYNC signal ("blacker than black", relevant for some demos as Dreamend)
Fixed errors: Folder sharing on Android, sound output, poke database (Android, iOS)

Download: CPCEMU v2.2 Source:Here

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