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EmuCR:AppleWinAppleWin v1.30.0.0 is released. AppleWin (also known as Apple //e Emulator for Windows) is an open source software emulator for running Apple II programs in Microsoft Windows. AppleWin has support for most programs that could run either on the Apple II+ or the Apple IIe. By default, AppleWin emulates the Extended Keyboard IIe (better known as the Platinum IIe) with built-in 80-column text support, 128 kilobytes of RAM, two 5.25-inch floppy disk drives, a joystick, a serial card and 65C02 CPU. AppleWin supports lo-res, hi-res, and double hi-res graphics modes and can emulate both color and monochrome Apple II monitors; later versions of AppleWin also can emulate a television set used as a monitor. Both 40-column and 80-column text is supported.

AppleWin can emulate the Apple II joystick (using the PC's default controller), paddle controllers (using the computer mouse), and can also emulate the Apple II joystick using the PC keyboard. AppleWin can also use the PC speaker to emulate the Apple II's sound if no sound card is available (does not work under NT-based Windows versions). Full screen mode is available through the use of DirectX. Features added to the latest versions of AppleWin include Ethernet support using Uthernet, Mockingboard and Phasor sound card support, SSI263 speech synthesis, hard drive disk images and save states.

AppleWin v1.30.0.0 Changelog:
Note: This version only works under Windows XP and later.
[Change #693] AppleWin built with VS2019 using v141_xp platform toolset
[Change #939] Improved support for SSI263 speech chip.
Fix for 'Classic Adventure' (#929) not detecting speech chip.
Support the 2-bit Duration b7:6 of phoneme register for SSI263 (not SC01).
Support 2nd SSI263 at $Cn20 connected to 6522-A (at $Cn00).
SC01: only support it mapped to 6522 at $Cn00.
[Change #936] Swap Joystick Buttons not working
Command line (-swap-buttons) or GUI "Swap 0/1" now swaps buttons 0/1 for all devices.
[Change #930] WOZ support: add some random jitter in the bit stream
A better alternative fix for WOZ images: 'Wasteland' and 'Legacy of the Ancients'.
Fix for WOZ images: 'Gruds in Space' (bug #921) and 'Buzzard Bait' (bug #930).
[Change #912] For 'Base 64A' add support for its F2 key via the Windows DEL key.
[Change #876] Starting up windowed mode & fullscreen mode
New command line switch -no-full-screen to start in windowed mode.
Added command line switch -full-screen as an alias for -f.
[Change #864] Anti-M 1.8 doesn't work
Improved Disk II card's data latch value when: (a) drive disconnected or (b) connected, but empty.
New command line switches -d1-disconnected and -d2-disconnected to disconnect drives from slot-6 card.
[Bug #934] Characters doubled in BASIC.SYSTEM when using -speech switch.
Trap calls to COUT1 and BASICOUT (instead of COUT).
[Bug #827] Fix bug where NSC is recognised on Apple II/II+ when slot-3 is empty.
Support NSC on 6502-based Apple II's via F8-ROM for ProDOS 2.5 compatibility.
[Bug #770] Fix so that no AY changes get dropped.
Support reading the AY-3-8913 registers (not Phasor though).
[Bug #652, #833] Fixes for Mockingboard's 6522 VIA.
Cycle-accurate TIMER1/2 r/w for all addressing modes.
Support TIMER1 latch in one-shot mode.
Improve 6522 reset support - only ACR,IFR,IER affected.
[PR #891] Fix for "Unable to capture PrintScreen key" warning on startup.
Adds a "Don't show this message again" checkbox to the message.
Debugger: add red 'IRQ' after the v/h-pos when IRQ is being asserted to the 6502.
Debugger: improve mini-memory views for 6522 & AY8913 chip registers.
Much refactoring to the code by Andrea Odetti / @audetto.

Download: AppleWin v1.30.0.0
Source: Here

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