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NullDC-BEAR v1.96 is released. A nullDC ALL-IN-ONE Launcher and optimizer to ensure easy setup for nullDC(Naomi/Atomidwave/Dreamcast), Mednafen(NES/SNES/Genesis/MegaDrive/GBA/GBC/Neo-Geo Pocket/PSX/Saturn/Famicom Disk Drive) and optimized settings for a smooth gameplay experiance. Easy setup easy connection, minimal effort maximum performance.

NullDC-BEAR changelog:
+Mednafen Controls rewritten and should work much better with all controller types now
+Better handling for Flycast mapping using the new mapping scheme
+Various bug fixes and crashes
+Adjusted delay suggestion for GGPO games (1 delay per 64 ping, anything below 64 is 0 delay)
+Added the correct Atomiswave roms to the DLC to be used with Flycast
+Merged upstream changes
+Fixed some macros
+Changed mapping scheme to the new upstream style
+Added better player names
+Changed GGPO port to try and help with connection issues some people have, now uses the default nullDC port which should work well.
+Multithread emulation is disabled, should be the last frame of delay gone.
+Disable UPNP since we don't need that when using RadminVPN and it may be causing some people to be unable to connect.

Download: NullDC-BEAR v1.96
Source: Here


  1. I dont trust this emulator and the person stolen and took the code source of flycast and Mednafen NO THANKS what the heck why do we need radmen vpn to connect when Mednafen and flycast don't need it, I never trust radmen vpn or hamachi that matter or this emulators


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