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86Box Git (2021/11/24) is complied. 86Box (formerly PCem Unofficial, PCem Experimental, or PCem-X) is an unofficial branch of the PCem emulator, which aims to emulate IBM compatible machines from 1981-2000 period. This branch adds several emulated motherboards.

86Box Git changelog:
Fix missing VIA AC97 audio on machines that should have it (commit: 96439da) (details)
Fix hijacking of the CD audio filter by VIA AC97 (commit: 1e98d53) (details)
ES1371 improvements, including codec select (commit: 2bc4866) (details)
Make variable rate AC97 codecs use a min/max rate (commit: 7ee1170) (details)
Make VIA 686 instantiate the integrated Super I/O and hardware monitor (commit: 4c21f0d) (details)
Add space to Apollo Pro 133 names per word of mouth (commit: b670529) (details)
Fix missing SPD on Trinity 371 (commit: f23e4e6) (details)
Set I/O trap read/write bit on VIA 686 (commit: cada8f3) (details)
Machine table and ROM fixes and cleanups (commit: 447269e) (details)
Fix ROM filename casing (commit: 5af0db8) (details)
Fix a register bit mask on ES1371 (commit: 9d60029) (details)
Make AC97 codec status bits reflect powerdowns, fixes output on ES1371 VxD driver (commit: 1f9ec63) (details)
Revert my previous ES1371 bit mask change (per #1834) (commit: 8e45511) (details)
Implemented non-aligned PCI accesses. (commit: 953244c) (details)
Fix GL518SM hardware monitor and add it to AM-BX133 (commit: 7b5e4e3) (details)
Machine table rectifications (commit: 5ef4b3e) (details)
Add ES1371 to GT694VA (slot still unknown) (commit: 9f921ec) (details)
Added the Spanish translation by mgtroyas, close #1866. (commit: d644ee6) (details)
Default memory to 64k (commit: 33691ba) (details)
Bit I missed in the last one (commit: 9c9fa70) (details)
SB16 8051 RAM (commit: 306308f) (details)
Fix AC97 codec reset flags not being set (commit: 5d87f6b) (details)
Jenkins: Switch back to cleaning workspace before build (commit: 1b60a82) (details)
Jenkins: Specify branch name with LocalBranch (commit: 82a179a) (details)

Download: 86Box Git (2021/11/24)
Source: Here

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