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ANES v1.6.230222 is released. ANES is A Nintendo Entertainment System / Family Computer (Nes/Famicom) emulator written in C. An open source .net freeware, licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE; Version 3, 29 June 2007. The main goal of ANES is to be as accurate as possible, as fast as possible and brings the best gaming play experince possible.

ANES v1.6.230222 changelog:
Improved Audio Downsampler.
Improved Audio generally.
Improved performance by converting audio samples from integers into bytes.
Audio now is output in unsigned 8 bit instead of signed 16 bit, it is correct for nes.
Improved SDL2 Audio renderer, it sounds now better and stable.

Download: ANES v1.6.230222 x64

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