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namDHC v1.06 is released. namDHC is a windows frontend for CHDMAN. The program needs CHDMAN.exe in the same directory as namDHC.exe to run - Currently only versions "0.236", "0.237", "0.238", "0.239", "0.240" are supported.

namDHC v1.06 Changelog:
Allows creation of multiple output filetypes during a single job. Filetypes will be added to the file and directory names in parenthesis.
Example of files from a PSX game with both TOC and CUE types selected for output:
User will be prompted to rename any duplicate output files (ie - the same input files in different directories)
Changed the finished job sound to play media instead of just beeps
Fixed: Main menu not hiding during job processes
Fixed: Updater wont automatically update even when selecting no
Other bugfixes, GUI changes n' stuff

Download: namDHC v1.06
Source: Here

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