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EmuCR: Turgen Turgen v8.9.2 is released. With TURGEN, you can create your own tapes with software for Atari 8-bit computers, and transfer data from your PC or Mac to your Atari 8-bit computer using your data recorder and a cassette adapter. Convert files to the original standard Atari tape records and also various "turbo" systems. You can create WAVE files, tape images, or send signal directly to the sound card. Wizard for files, tape side creation tool and batch processing allow you to create your tapes with convenience.

Turgen Features:
Creation of tapes with ordinary tape recorder
Transferring data from PC/Mac to Atari with data recorder and cassette adapter
Support for the original standard Atari tape records
Support for "turbo" systems popular in Europe
Full support for processing of segmented binary load files
Comprehensive documentation

Download: Turgen v8.9.2
Source: Here

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